Zero Cost MBA_An Overview 2

A small idea

I returned back to India in Feb 2012 after finishing my graduation in Chemical engineering from Technical University of Denmark. Few months before this, in October 2011, I participated in 9th European regions & Cities event at European commission. Discussing issues of public importance, future of EU with other participants gave me a lot of confidence in my ability to understand cross-country affairs. In November 2011, while discussing matter of global interest with other participants, I felt my leadership potential and excitement to engage with complex problems. It was Young Environmentalist Camp in Azerbaijan. I was given the title of ‘doer’ and called as someone who like to do things rather than talking. It was always my long term dream to become a manager. With my interest to work on international scale, I thought of mixing both of my interest. My inspiration also came from industry networking, attending key conferences, reading government survey reports, observing problems of industry and my own vision of how future may look like. Combining all these, I envisioned myself of becoming a 21st century global manager, who is quick learner, have an interdisciplinary approach of problem solving, has ability to work outside his area of expertise if situation demands, can work anywhere in the world, make decision with least information and can communicate with any kind of person. How can it be possible?

Envisioning 21st century global manager- Timeline

Years of hard work in developing soft skills

Back at my home, I spent few weeks in looking back my previous records and activities. In my education, I was active in knowing new developments in my field through readings, taking part in conferences and publishing papers. Along with education, I was parallelly working hard in past years to gain different skills through participation in different activities. Whether it was managing family business, organizing events at university, preparing cases for biggest engineering competition in Europe, taking participation in strategy planning competition at National level, leading a multicultural team, advising an start up in their expansion plans or writing grant applications to get funding form EU, I wore many different hats. Whether small or big, taking different roles prepare me to work under pressure, making quick decisions, working effectively as a team and deal with uncertainty. Whether it was engaging in community services or taking up a new task, many times I took responsibilities denied by others just to gain new skills. Apart from this, I also worked hard in my engineering education to get good problem solving abilities useful in breaking down complex problems into simpler ones. This self-discovery of having different skills filled me with lot of confidence. But how can I take those skills further?

So what I did? Just check the Idea Gathering phase on how I identified skill-set of a future global manager complimenting my many different soft-skills.


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