साइकिलों का शहर जरूरत बस ट्रैक की (City of cycles, just needed a track)

Finally, after more than 1,5 year after submission of the Designing cities 3rd assignment to make my city better, city authorities have taken note of it
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My idea of introducing bi-cycle might be a reality in future. From online learning to reality.
In line with Government of India, ‘Smart cities’ initiative, I have given a small push to make my hometown a smart city. Taken a cue from the assignment of Design cities, Univ. of Pennsylvania course , I have pitched to have a bi-cycle track in my home town.

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The Capstone project: Creating real value on virtual platform

Online education has been gaining attention for its innovative approach. The corporate world too is taking notice of this new platform of education and trying to leverage it. In the recent past, a few top firms have partnered to build and contribute to a specialisation project, which will be added to the existing bouquet of ­specialisation projects at Coursera, a MOOC provider. This project is called Capstone.

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