Wedding Night: Murphy’s Law Upheld- Part 4

So far, I have passed around 10 hours of night with no bride went missing, learn the concept of share auto and indirectly seen a drama in early cold morning. Little bit to imagine how last few hours of early morning will bring unexpected surprises. Want to know more about how wedding vows were reinstated? Then read the 4th and final part of my short story ‘wedding night: Muprhy’s law upheld’.

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Wedding night: Murphy’s Law Upheld – Part 3

The bride did not go missing, the melodrama over the same name did not bring any trouble. However, going to find an auto driver in a cold winter night was more than enough to frustrate me over the situation. However, I did manage this situation with an FBI style search energizing everyone in early morning.

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Wedding Night: Murphy’s Law Upheld – Part 1

How many of you are married? How many of you know Murphy’s Law? Can you see some connection? Well, I certainly did for not just once or twice but for an entire night while handling some responsible tasks during the wedding of one of my sister. Do you want to know, how Murphy’s law was upheld in an Indian wedding? then certainly you need to go through this short story of mine.

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