Anjuman May Meetup : अंजुमन (हिंदी एवं उर्दू शायरी मंच)– 22 मई, 2016

After a long time, I got chance to write and recite a solo Hindi poem at Anjuman event. I also got opportunity to listen to many other wonderful poets. Read all of this in my event summary.
बहुत समय बाद हिंदी मैं लिखने का और सुनाने का मौका मिला, अंजुमन की संध्या मैं| इस संध्या मैं और भी कई कवियों से बातचीत और उनकी रचनाओं को सुनाने का मौका मिला| पेश की अंजुमन की महफ़िल की कहानी मेरी जुबानी|

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Storytelling: My Accidental Journey of Learning!!

Storytelling? What it is? Have you ever got chance to listen to a story? Have you ever recited a story? Why storytelling is considered an important skills in today’s professional world. Well, I do not have answers to all your questions, but I can at least share my journey of acquiring this skill.

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Poetic debate at Let Poetry Be!

It is never too easy to write a poem and it becomes too challenging when you have to write and argue with someone else too. This was at the meetup organized by ‘Let Poetry Be’ society , when each of the 10 teams debated on a chosen topic in vary much poetic way. I enjoyed working on this aspect, at least it has brought out more creative of me 🙂

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Zero Cost Management Graduate: Live Presentation

Zero Cost Management Graduate project is my self-designed International MBA project done using simple available resources at very minimal cost(or zero cost). It has been selected by UNESCO as one of the 8 most innovative educational projects around the world and I presented this in their seminar in December. This video entails the same.

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