Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st Century): An Overview

How to become a global manager? After studying 40+ online courses, using resources from 250+ places, trying to self learn 3 foreign languages, studying cultures of different regions, more than 30+ self designed projects and inventing numerous other things, I might have the answer..

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‘The Good Days are Coming!’ : Union Budget 2015-16, Panel Discussion

Union Budget 2015-16 by Govt. of India has been awaited by almost every interested person from a long time. I am waiting for it to check how much my own study of international economics will be helpful in understanding the budget and meanings behind it. I understood some, and for other things, panel discussion at Bangalore International Center was the answer.

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On becoming a global manager

I imagined becoming a 21st century global manager – a quick learner with an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving, with the ability to work outside his area of expertise when necessary and work anywhere in the world, make decisions speedily and communicate with any kind of person. How could I acquire these skills? Read in this commentary!

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