Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st Century): An Overview

How to become a global manager? After studying 40+ online courses, using resources from 250+ places, trying to self learn 3 foreign languages, studying cultures of different regions, more than 30+ self designed projects and inventing numerous other things, I might have the answer..

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Get Social Media advantage, in my Column @The Hindustan Times

The name is social media and it is making headlines for various reasons. Whether it is a video going viral on YouTube, a tweet creating a storm between political parties or a Facebook complaint that gains instant reaction from the authorities, this new trend has gripped everything. How you can know more about this new phenomenon? Read this in my latest article.

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‘Zhuge Liang’ – Commanding multiple skills, what we can learn from ancient China

Zhuge Liang is a very prominent person in Chinese history, with lot of people gave him high respect for his command over many different skills. So, what was the reason due to which he became multi-tasking? I have tried for the first time my imagination, knowledge of history and own thoughts to understand it.

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