Top 8 MOOCs that will help you design your own MBA

MOOCs are boon to people, who like to do things on their own. One such thing is designing your own MBA using the available online courses. Based on my ‘Zero Cost MBA’ experiences, I have written an article on The Hindustan Times providing list of essential courses.

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Hypothesis development in chemical engineering and the business world

As I mentioned in the introductory post to this series ‘Moving from Chemical Engineering Concepts to Management Fundamentals’, my goal is to look in greater depth at chemical engineering concepts and their parallels in managerial fundamentals. This time, we look at the relationship between chemical engineering’s hypothesis development and the business world’s equivalent: strategic planning.

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CBS Case Competition blev inspirationen til mulig levevej

Competition has always been helpful in assessing once performances in understanding complex nature of business strategy. Beat the Elite was one such competition, where people from different streams were allowed to make a team and participate to solve difficulties faced by corporations. I got opportunity to participate in this competition in 2011, along with 3 other wonderful team mates. How this competition helped me? Read in this article published by Copenhagen Business School student magazine.

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