‘Family Comes First’ : A photographic book on joint families of India

‘Family comes first’ was the title of the book, which was launched two days ago in Bengaluru. I indirectly

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Talk on ‘Responsive Cities: the next steps for Smart Cities’

Cities are forefront in human development in the 21st century. Responsive cities like Singapore are taking advantage of new forms of data, and new possibilities for interaction among people, communities and their physical environments to engage their citizens in the planning and management of their habitat. This talk focuses on some of such works being carried out in Singapore.

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Master Class On ‘Thinking Mobility: Gender and Transport’ @IIHS, Bangalore

How are urban transportation systems, infrastructure and institutions gendered?
How can we understand gender inequality in urban transportation?
What kinds of initiatives have cities in India and globally undertaken and what can we learn from them? This was the them of masterclass organized at IIHS(Indian Institute of Human Settlements)

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Workshop series> Unpacking Urban-ism: Are Southern Cities adapting to Climate Change?

In this master class, Sumetee Gajjar, shared adaptation research and practice from 4 Southern Cities (Durban and Cape Town in South Africa, Dar es Salaam in Zanzibar and Mexico City) using a city systems framework. Learners were encouraged to extend this framework to Bangalore and reflect upon the merits and challenges of applying such a frame to motivate climate adaptation in Indian cities.

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Seminar on conservation of lake and water bodies in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is the IT capital of India, yet from past few years it is experiencing rapid population growth. The rising population growth has affected already scarce water resources of the city. With the demand for water is increasing day after day, rain water harvesting can provide an sustainable solution to the resident of this city. Excerpts from the workshop organized by ESG and KSCST.

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