Envisioning 21st century global manager- Timeline

Positive personal developments

  • Becoming ambidextrous:
  • It gave me a realization one day, that I am using my right hand too much. I just thought, why not outsource some of the work to the left hand?? I have followed this later on. Being a right handed person, it was initially very difficult. So first, I have started to use smaller things like using computer mouse, then lifting smaller items and then cooking. I have used this skill in handling two laptops simultaneously using mouse operated by my both hands. I am currently trying to practice writing with left hand. Hopefully, within few years, I will be able to use both my hands to work more efficiently.

  • Inching towards patent filing:
  • I always keep coming out with innovative ideas to solve different problems. Most of the ideas did not go further than my note book. Either I did not realize their importance or I did not know to present them. In the course ‘Design Thinking’ from Stanford University, I have met many creative people and felt the potential of using my ideas in real life. Currently, I am exploring possibility of filing for design patent on 1-2 of these ideas.

    A 21st century interdisciplinary professional
    It has been the biggest project I have ever undertaken with information/knowledge drew from 50 direct and 200 indirect resources. Although I was working on from past 2 years, but it was more than 7-8 years of my hard work came together to redefine my profile to become a 21st century interdisciplinary professional. I am an engineer,who also knows about market trends, can plan business strategies, take part in trade negotiations, understand government policies and can easily guess the impact of monetary policy changes. I am also the person who can innovate, can do programming and can talk with different sets of people. Someone who has intercultural work experience, team working ability and already appreciated for his leadership and managerial skills. With different projects done around the world, I hope to become 21st century global manager in future and work towards solving complex problems.

    Learning Experiences

    Course Reviews

    Short project report can be seen here


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