Global Marketing

A very rare project done by someone by individually approaching people in more than 100 countries to spread the word of open education. Global Marketing project was done in virtual environment with generous help from alumni networks, LinkedIn, Universities and Media organizations.

>> Background
+ ‘Competency based education’, ‘Self-designed educational path’ can be useful for youngsters/learners in many parts of the world.
+ Need to create positive image for the open education(and mooc) to tell people about their potential.
+ Every new idea has to be conveyed to people for greater benefits. Being debt free gave me possibility to go with ‘Global Awareness Drive’.

>> Implementation

+ Gathered information form different resources.
+ Approached more than 3000 people (E-mail/LinkedIn/Twitter/Alumni Networks)
(University professors with thanking notes, MOOC researchers to make e-learning format better, educational media to spread the word, business magazines about future global manager project etc)

>> Outcomes
+ More than 1500 e-mails, approximately 3000 tweets and more than 80 countries in approaching people.
+ Development of personal website with documentation of project.
+ More than 30 blog posts on different platforms about online education
+ Work/Interview published in prominent national(India) and International media
+ Featured in universities such as Harvard, MIT and University of Copenhagen.
+ Presentation in conferences and speaking opportunities in educational events.
+ Hailed by UNESCO as the future of higher education.

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