Free Reading- Poems @LPB (Let Poetry Be)

Yet another session of Let Poetry Be has passed, and many memories to cherish. Here is the brief write-up of the event based on my experiences.

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Storytelling: My Accidental Journey of Learning!!

Storytelling? What it is? Have you ever got chance to listen to a story? Have you ever recited a story? Why storytelling is considered an important skills in today’s professional world. Well, I do not have answers to all your questions, but I can at least share my journey of acquiring this skill.

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Memorable meetings-1: With Coursera, under the cover of rain and darkness!!

In past 10 years, I have met many diversified set of people(noble laureates, country ministers, normal people, parliament members, executives, social workers, language partners etc) from around the world. Many of these meetings did not involve in person communication, yet they become memorable for unexplained reasons. One such meetings with Coursera, happened under the cover of rain and darkness. Read more to know, why it became one of the memorable meetings.

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