Talk on ‘Responsive Cities: the next steps for Smart Cities’

Cities are forefront in human development in the 21st century. Responsive cities like Singapore are taking advantage of new forms of data, and new possibilities for interaction among people, communities and their physical environments to engage their citizens in the planning and management of their habitat. This talk focuses on some of such works being carried out in Singapore.

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Get Social Media advantage, in my Column @The Hindustan Times

The name is social media and it is making headlines for various reasons. Whether it is a video going viral on YouTube, a tweet creating a storm between political parties or a Facebook complaint that gains instant reaction from the authorities, this new trend has gripped everything. How you can know more about this new phenomenon? Read this in my latest article.

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Dive into the world of finance!

You can be a student or the owner of a small shop, your business turnover can be very high or very low, money plays an important role in everyone’s life. You all want to manage it carefully, you also want to invest wisely and grow your capital to fulfill your needs. Those of you who want to learn how to do it will be happy to know that there is help available online, right at your fingertips, without requiring you to move anywhere. Read my latest article on The Hindustan Times!

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