Learn to Give FIRST AID! Learn to Save Lives(Yours or Others)

Because you never know what is waiting for you at the roads! Personal story of accident with a request for all of you to learn some basic life saving skills.

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Memorable Moments: Meeting John from Nanjing in BMTC Bus

Intercultural competence, something many people talk, but there is no proper personalized methodology to get this competence. I tried my own methods and in a very rare incident, found my methodology to be very true 🙂 Read it through my blog.

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Poem: Age limits- Just the number or definite limit

After a long time, I have written to poetry writing. This time, it was in a debate mode with one person speaking for and another against the topic. As a team work, I think it was fun to try new elements in writing also. This is the poem written on a very common theme occur many of the people in India.

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