Grow in India: Agricultural Production and Marketing in Karnataka

Organic farming is becoming a new growth area for farmers and new ways to stay healthy for consumers. But what it is? and what business potential it offers? Read it in one of the guest lectures, I participated at Swissnex India.

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Storytelling: My Accidental Journey of Learning!!

Storytelling? What it is? Have you ever got chance to listen to a story? Have you ever recited a story? Why storytelling is considered an important skills in today’s professional world. Well, I do not have answers to all your questions, but I can at least share my journey of acquiring this skill.

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Webinar about Product Management @Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore

Product management is an evolving term in current Indian business climate. I have studied product management from technical side and it was interesting to understand its multidisciplinary side, in this webinar organized by Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore.

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