Integration of Immigrants/Refugees: How MOOCs can play a bigger role?

How MOOC can be helpful in integration of immigrants? Read it in this interview of Ramon Talavera Franco taken by as part of my effort of bringing enthusiastic MOOC learners all across the world.

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Memorable meetings-1: With Coursera, under the cover of rain and darkness!!

In past 10 years, I have met many diversified set of people(noble laureates, country ministers, normal people, parliament members, executives, social workers, language partners etc) from around the world. Many of these meetings did not involve in person communication, yet they become memorable for unexplained reasons. One such meetings with Coursera, happened under the cover of rain and darkness. Read more to know, why it became one of the memorable meetings.

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Hypothesis development in chemical engineering and the business world

As I mentioned in the introductory post to this series ‘Moving from Chemical Engineering Concepts to Management Fundamentals’, my goal is to look in greater depth at chemical engineering concepts and their parallels in managerial fundamentals. This time, we look at the relationship between chemical engineering’s hypothesis development and the business world’s equivalent: strategic planning.

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साइकिलों का शहर जरूरत बस ट्रैक की (City of cycles, just needed a track)

Finally, after more than 1,5 year after submission of the Designing cities 3rd assignment to make my city better, city authorities have taken note of it
smile emoticon
My idea of introducing bi-cycle might be a reality in future. From online learning to reality.
In line with Government of India, ‘Smart cities’ initiative, I have given a small push to make my hometown a smart city. Taken a cue from the assignment of Design cities, Univ. of Pennsylvania course , I have pitched to have a bi-cycle track in my home town.

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Learning German using open online resources at Deutche Welle

German is considered to be one of the most difficult languages and I found it indeed very true. But, that is only partially true, language is not about passing any exam or scoring high marks, it is talking with people, communicating with them and immersing yourself into it. This is what I did, while trying to self-learn German as part of my ‘Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st Century)’ project.

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Maximizing your learning through online tools: Strategic Planning – Part 2

In the previous post, I talked about some of the ways to develop your strategic thinking and apply logical reasoning to what you read on a daily basis. I also talked about how you can create your own database of information on a business sector of your choice. By now, you have practiced examining the available information using the “5 W’s”. Although working these techniques into reading annual reports and newspapers can be a time consuming exercise, it will pay in the end once you start developing strategic plans on your own.

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