Moving Beyond Self, Beyond Quantifying through Reflective Design

UX & UI are two terms, I am keep reading in many of my friend’s tweet every day. So, when I got opportunity to learn about them through an event organized by UX+XX community group in Bengaluru, what happened? Well, read in this short event summary.

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Grow in India: Agricultural Production and Marketing in Karnataka

Organic farming is becoming a new growth area for farmers and new ways to stay healthy for consumers. But what it is? and what business potential it offers? Read it in one of the guest lectures, I participated at Swissnex India.

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Power of Global Networking: Tapping an Untapped Resource

Networking, every one talks about creating it, but rarely anyone talks about how to use it regularly. Well, as part of my ‘Zero Cost MBA’ project, I did develop some interesting ways to keep engaged with the large network. I am sharing one such example with you.

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