Bengaluru Poetry Festival 2016

Poetry festival for 2 days? Yes, it became a reality last weekend. The inaugural edition of Bengaluru Poetry Festival saw participation of many well known poets, artists , and of-course equally enthusiastic crowd. My experiences from the festival.

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Anjuman May Meetup : अंजुमन (हिंदी एवं उर्दू शायरी मंच)– 22 मई, 2016

After a long time, I got chance to write and recite a solo Hindi poem at Anjuman event. I also got opportunity to listen to many other wonderful poets. Read all of this in my event summary.
बहुत समय बाद हिंदी मैं लिखने का और सुनाने का मौका मिला, अंजुमन की संध्या मैं| इस संध्या मैं और भी कई कवियों से बातचीत और उनकी रचनाओं को सुनाने का मौका मिला| पेश की अंजुमन की महफ़िल की कहानी मेरी जुबानी|

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Master Class On ‘Thinking Mobility: Gender and Transport’ @IIHS, Bangalore

How are urban transportation systems, infrastructure and institutions gendered?
How can we understand gender inequality in urban transportation?
What kinds of initiatives have cities in India and globally undertaken and what can we learn from them? This was the them of masterclass organized at IIHS(Indian Institute of Human Settlements)

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Ganges Water Machine – Terrestrial and Celestial Change in the Ganga Basin

Urban planning has been one of the core areas of my study from past many years. It was also a central aspect of my ‘Global Manager of 21st century(Zero Cost MBA)’ project. In my effort to understand Urban planning from different angles; I have participated recently in lecture on mapping of Ganga basin. A lot of learning followed through and you can read the same in my blog post.

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