Hindi Poem: हिंदी कविता -द्वन्द (Debate)

Suicides are increasing with an alarming rate among today’s generation. Through my poem, I have tried to give message of Suicide Prevention by highlighting the state of people, who actually chose life over death.

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Anjuman May Meetup : अंजुमन (हिंदी एवं उर्दू शायरी मंच)– 22 मई, 2016

After a long time, I got chance to write and recite a solo Hindi poem at Anjuman event. I also got opportunity to listen to many other wonderful poets. Read all of this in my event summary.
बहुत समय बाद हिंदी मैं लिखने का और सुनाने का मौका मिला, अंजुमन की संध्या मैं| इस संध्या मैं और भी कई कवियों से बातचीत और उनकी रचनाओं को सुनाने का मौका मिला| पेश की अंजुमन की महफ़िल की कहानी मेरी जुबानी|

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साइकिलों का शहर जरूरत बस ट्रैक की (City of cycles, just needed a track)

Finally, after more than 1,5 year after submission of the Designing cities 3rd assignment to make my city better, city authorities have taken note of it
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My idea of introducing bi-cycle might be a reality in future. From online learning to reality.
In line with Government of India, ‘Smart cities’ initiative, I have given a small push to make my hometown a smart city. Taken a cue from the assignment of Design cities, Univ. of Pennsylvania course , I have pitched to have a bi-cycle track in my home town.

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