‘Ankit Khandelwal’ is an interdisciplinary professional who combines his skills from different areas (engineering, management, understanding people, artistic approach) to come up with disruptive thinking and thoughts. He thrived in both learning and creating impact even though faced with many difficulties. He has overcome them through his passion, dedication and never to give up attitude. Other than the education, his engagement with other activities equipped him with many different skills. This is his story.

Back in the school days, he was a leader of the prayer group and speaker during the cultural functions. His interest in science and logical thinking developed at a very early stage. He took responsibilities of running the different family businesses during his summer vacation. His art of managing situation, quick decision making, and handling people flourished by running the family business and taking key role in family weddings. Throughout his school days, he has maintained a good academic record.

His interest in mathematics has took him to engineering education where he further sharpened his logical ability to analyze the situation. His participation in paper publications, giving classroom presentation on new topics, and attending new technological updates demonstrated his ability to do things at practical level. During university days, he has developed his ability to lead teams and managing large scale projects.

He has briefly worked in information technology sector in manufacturing domain. Later, he pursued his higher education on elite master scholarship at Technical University of Denmark. His first love was problem solving, lead him to design engineering competitions on the recent industry problems. He has modify his managerial skills by adding elements of virtual working and cross cultural competence. Everything was going good until 3 events changed his perception towards the greater role he can play.

But 3 events in 2011 and 2012 changed made his to realize his ability to think in different directions. Participation in the meetings at European Commission, Young Environmentalist Camp Azerbaijan and later securing 5th place on the world for his intercultural blog; he could sense his ability to work across different culture and exerting leadership potential on cross functional topic. Armed with engineering education, years of extra curricular activities and community development work.He could no longer wait to work. Thus started with his ‘Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st century)’ project.

He had honor to work with different teams of students, professionals, policy makers , sales members of cross cultural and cross functional department. Meeting with people from different background. He is comfortable communicating with normal person to CEO’s. Met people from different parts of the world, got many different project done and have ability to envision and establish ‘unthinkable tasks’.
He has has written over 100 articles over about education, chemical engineering, intercultural communications, global strategy and human relationship. What he possess is, the ability to analyze the situation, process the information and decide based on the situation.
In his spare time, Ankit enjoys taking part in different public events to enrich his knowledge in different subjects and meeting new people[or learning a new language or practicing his already acquired linguistic capabilities] He enjoys writing his own poems, short stories or attending gathering related to such events. He loves to go on a excursion trip, has an appetite for studying history & geography, and pursues new hobby every now and then.

He maintains regular diary, make hand-written notes and manages networks of friends, colleagues and sub-ordinates in more than 100 countries.

In short, Ankit Khandelwal can be called as ….? Well, you decide.

> Studied Bachelor of Chemical Technology from Vellore Institute of Technology (2004-2008)
> Elite Masters Program (Master of Science) in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark (2009-2011)
> Designed and finished his own ‘Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager of 21st century). Courses from different universities(Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Wharton etc). (2012-2014)

Other recent projects

Global Marketing

Global Translation

Project: Zero Cost MBA (Global Manager for 21st century)

From May 2012 to June 2014, he worked on his ‘Envisioning 21st century global manager’ project. It was his own invented project, drafted after careful analysis of my managerial skills, long term interests, future market trends and required skills set to become a global manager/leader in the 21st century. As part of this project, he has taken courses from MIT-OCW (Open Courseware), OEC (Open Education Consortium), OYC (Open Yale Courses), OLI-CMU (Open Learning Initiative- Carnegie Mellon University), as well as from other organizations and MOOC providers (WTO, Copenhagen Business Center, Alison, Coursera, edX, NovoEd, Open2study). Over the past two years, this was his full time work, comprising 20+ courses from different universities (covering general management disciplines as well as interdisciplinary aspects such as trade negotiations, urban planning, public policy, environmental law, functioning of non governmental organizations and EU, design thinking, disaster preparedness, and self-study in three foreign languages, etc.). He has complimented these studies by lot of live projects in real situations. He has extensively studied newspapers from different world regions to get regular updates on business and market trends while expanding my networks. Equally important has been his study of different cultures to grasp local social and political characteristics in his effort to prepare himself for negotiating/working in a multicultural global environment.


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