About me

This is Ankit, I was born and brought up in Kota( a city in western part of India), worked for a software company in Bangalore( India) for about ten months and now pursuing my masters in chemical and biochemical engineernig at technical university of denmark.

My interest inculdes writing, travelling, thinking, organizing, trekking, theatre etc etc. In short i can say I am a “Jack of All trades” with mastery in some of them ( May be).

I think people who know me.. don’t know me completely.. In the sense that different people perceive me in different way at different times.

To some people,I am very frank .. to some nobody could be as diplomatic as me.

To some I am very quiet.. others have to keep telling me shut up! he he he

Well Well, Don’t you worry 🙂 I am not a split personality or anything of that sort.

I am an open book, anyone wuld have been able to read me, if only, I hadn’t written it Latin!! if only 🙂

Still wanna know me more? ? may be after i do!!


One response to “About me

  1. Hi Ankit this is Vikash Chaudhary from Udaipur Raj. India. I want to contact you. Can you please share Your any way of contact, Your Mail ID, FB ID,Skype ID, Co. No. any..


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