Talk on Sustainable Urbanization

Participating in a talk on sustainable urbanization, with focus on sustainability, aims at sharing experiences and challenges related to sustainable urban development, planning and governance for mainstreaming low carbon and climate resilient development in the cities.

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Talk on ‘Responsive Cities: the next steps for Smart Cities’

Cities are forefront in human development in the 21st century. Responsive cities like Singapore are taking advantage of new forms of data, and new possibilities for interaction among people, communities and their physical environments to engage their citizens in the planning and management of their habitat. This talk focuses on some of such works being carried out in Singapore.

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Dealing with Risk: How Technology is Changing the Global Risk Landscape by Dr. Matthias Weber

Swissnex India and Swiss Re India are co-organising a series of lectures on topics associated with risk throughout 2015 and 2016. The first lecture in this series is on ‘How Technology is changing the Global Risk Landscape‘ by Mr. Matthias Weber. The aim of the lecture is to provide the Swiss perspective on risk management to inspired peers and future leaders. Read my experiences about this event in this short blog post.

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