6th Session: Poetry and Storytelling Under Open Sky @IISC, Bangalore

6th session of poetry and storytelling under grass

Date 08-07-2016
Venue Choksi Hall, IISc Bangalore
Event description Student Community which conduct a Poetry session and Story telling session under open sky on green grass in IISc campus.

Event summary

Once again, I was heading for the gathering of creative people, going to be organized at the temple of science. Yes, I am talking about the monthly meeting organized at Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

Today event started slightly late. Amit Roy(one of the organizer) gave tribute to 2 poets. He provided brief introduction to the poets ‘Kedarnath’ and ‘Nagarjun’. He also recited one poem, written by both of these poet.

Show was once again started by Sanjeeta Sharma. She is a Phd scholar at IISc and keep traveling into the forest areas of Karnataka. There are certain things which do not change, wherever we go. Feelings towards our mother are one of these things. Her poem was dedicated to ‘Amma’, the word for saying mother in her mother-tongue.

Serka, a Phd student recited a Kannada poem. The poem tells about those people, who talks a lot but at the end just escape from the responsibility.

Then it was my turn to mix Physics with creative thinking. I recited poems, ‘Newton’s 3 Laws of Wedding’ and ‘Sir Issac Newton’s Visit to India’. You can read both of them here:

Storytelling was another attraction of today’s event. Madhulika, Somavalli, and Piyush presented and enacted Hindi adaption of Anton Chekhov’s : The Bear. It was beautifully enacted and everyone enjoyed it.

Sometimes, message conveyed through acting, drama is much more easier to understand then the poems.

Today’s Chief Guest ‘Sandeep Shikhar’ was next to come on the stage. He recited some of his Hindi poems and Urdu Shahyris.

Ankit, who is very popular among audience for his on the spot Urdu shayari and quotes entertained us again. Later in the event, he was once again called for recitation. He then took us to a 17th century Urdu Poet and shahyaris associated with it.

Post his recitation, we all moved to the relative safety of auditorium.

Inside, we watched a video. Dushyant Kumar from Mumbai is sharing Hindi Literature through You-Tube videos. We all happened to witness his work through one video.

Another guest of today evening was Ranjana Tripathi. She has published a collection of Hindi poem recently. She recited a poem about 4 different type of girls.

Aparna from NCBS recited 2 poems. Her first poem was in English. Titled, ‘Yesterday’ , talked about the memories of yesterday. Many times we think, even after many years, that this happen just yesterday. In her next poem in Hindi, she also sang alongside recitation ‘bitiya rani’ it narrated very well the perception of society against the girls.

Vardnam was the next poet who shared his poem about his friend who took money but never returned it back. and bad habit of overthinking.

Praveen Chandra Tiwari recited 2 poems. In his first poem, he talked about normal college situation with the title, ‘Aaon ham sab milkarke baat karein’. His second poem was dedicated to the farmers, who are doing everything for us.

Amit roy(organizer) took the stage with a short story recitation in Hindi. Title ‘Sade Aloo ka Vidroh’, written by Harishankar Parsi.

Sandeep Shikhar then once again returned on the stage with a very good short story. His story was inspired from a man from Assam, who entered into Guinness Book of World Records for eating glasses. How he was inspired, how he made a record, and how his life shaped after this, all were beautifully narrated.

Last poet of the evening was Akshay Kumar. He has painted 2 paintings to ask us about the question of ‘who is god?’. He narrated his poem and tried to establish the fact that our path is our only god.

Event ended with a group photo outside the Choksi Hall Auditorium.

(Based on my personal experiences, need not to be true to the facts).

More information:
Event page
About Poetry and Short Story telling under open sky on grass


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