Bangalore Spanish Language Meetup

Without practice, nothing remains permanent’, someone said it very wisely. Realizing that my Spanish language needed a brush up, I crated a meetup group to have a regular meetup for practicing this language with others. Though, I did not get time earlier to organize any meetup. Bengaluru is a big city and it is slightly difficult to gather people at one place. So, I decided to go for a virtual meetup to give chance for everyone to attend/participate without worrying about commuting.

Recently, we have organized first meetup was organized and it went very well. Second, meetup is coming on next Sunday. Anyone, who is interested to practice/learn Spanish is welcome to become part of this. Everything is virtual, therefore no traffic jam problems.

** Second meetup details

Hola amigos 🙂

For our second meet up, here are the three things we’ll do:

1. Let us start with a simple intro in Spanish 😉 and please remember to keep it simple. Ex:

· English: Hi, My name is Shilpa. I am working and I live in Bangalore.

· Spanish: Hola, Me llamo Shilpa. Estoy trabajando y vivo en Bangalore/BengaLuru.

Hint: llamo = name, trabajo = work, vivo = live

2. Please go over this link and be prepared to say Days and Months of the year (from page 16 from the pdf):

Ex: Lunes (Spanish) = Monday (English)

3. Let’s learn how to ask questions and ponder over how to use them:

**Before you join the meet up we highly recommend you to please do the following:

1. Please revise what we learnt from our first meetup (see Ankit’s post on first meet up)

2. Please take a look at Spanish alphabet pronunciations at YouTube, I found this one to be very useful:

3. Lastly, bring “passion” to learn this beautiful language and remember we are not taking board exams, so no judgements and mistakes are absolutely okay!!

And Oh! did I tell you that I am not an expert or a teacher but learning just like you :-). So let’s share and care.

Update: please share your skype ID in the comment section so we can add on the call for June 19th 7pm.



RSVP at Second meetup page:

About the meetup group,

Bangalore Spanish Language Meetup

Bangalore, IN
192 latinos

For all the people who are interested in knowing more about Latin America, trying some Spanish.

Next Meetup

Second Meetup (Virtual)

Sunday, Jun 19, 2016, 7:00 PM
10 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

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