English Poem Recitation: I found You at LPB(Let Poetry Be)

What I have found through my 2 years of association with Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru? Well, my poem short poem will say it all.

Title: I found…(u) at LPB

I found you at LPB
‘You’ were always missing
‘You’ were always hidden
Today you are going to be revealed through my lines

Started with a silent observer in 2015
I became regular here as many of you have seen
Despite many new entrants and departures
I have found Amurtha Mam ‘s wicket never went down at LPB

Sometimes I became angry bus conductor
Sometimes a conservative father of an open minded girl
Sometimes I created upma in the kitchen
I found many different lives to live at LPB

Sometimes I crticized Newton in interferring during the wedding
Sometimes I created a deadly virus
Sometime alone and sometime with others
I found my creative spirit lifted at LPB

कभी मेरी आँखें हुए नम
तो कभी तालियाँ पड़ी कम
कभी हस्ते हस्ते पेट मैं पड़े बल
तो कभी दुस्स्रों की कविता पर सोच मैं पड़े हम

कभी हिंदी तो कभी अंगेरजी
कभी महाभारत तो कभी उर्दू की शायरी
कभी विदेशी तो कभी भारतीय भाषाओं का हुआ इस्तेमाल
LPB के मंच पर हम सभी कभी न कभी जरूर बने भाषाई कलाकार

Sometimes we fought on ideologies
Sometimes we sat patientlly till the end
Even rain, high temperature did not deter the spirit of you all
I saluted all of you determined people at LPB every time

Whether it was Balu’s Popularity or Faiz’s Reality
Whether it was Sanjeev’s कटाक्ष or brijesh’s life and death
and, Whether it was Alister’s unique poetry recitation style
I found different angles of looking life at LPB

Helped by challenging theme every time
I pushed my imagination to the limits
Trying new experimentation every time
I found supports in you all at LPB all the tme

We met to depart and depart to meet
We met to recite and depart to write
We met to create experiences and depart to create memories
I found all such tiny, beautiful elements at LPB

Whether it was satire or emotional अत्याचार
Whether it was feminism or national सरोकार
Whether it was me, you, or we becoming कलाकार
I found all of you at LPB just like my buddy, मेरे यार

Poem recited on 22.05.2016 at Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru. Read more about the event here:


– This is purely a work of fiction and only meant to entertain other people.


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