‘I found you at LPB’ @Let Poetry Be

Let poetry be

Date 22-04-2016
Location Atta Galatta, Kormangala, Bengaluru, India
Event description
Tell us about who or what you found at LPB. Over two years that you have been a part of this community, what or who is that one special thing or someone you found. Well you may have found that one something or that one someone you don’t like at all-we don’t mind hearing you out!

We look forward to seeing you all at this marvelous event 🙂

Event description:

The event started with Amrutha Mam talking about 2 year long journey of this creative platform. The evening co-host Sonali Bhatia then described the event and event theme and request participant to stick to the 5 minute timelines. Here is the event summary.

Event started by Madhushree with her lovely poem of getting confidence through LPB. Pujan Chaudhary could not come to the event, so her lovely poem has been read by Amrutha Mam. Title of the poem, ‘The Poet in Me’.

After 3 months of absence, we could see our very own ‘Nitish’. In his words, ‘I met illusion at LPB and illusion in hindi is Maya’. He recited a poem from the title of two Indian movie stars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. It was hilarious.
Going in the line, our own Balu the great again amused us with his satirical poems. Read more here about traffic sense and global warming.

Sowmya was first timer at the last meetup. So she recited about new adventures at LPB. Her last line can easily describe it ‘I feel I belong, Hope it will lasts long’.

As always, there were few first timers. Sriram was listener at the last time. His first poem can be called as a summary of poems recited at the last event. In this second poem, he captured essence of India for all the major events happened in recent past. Gaurav Chauhan recited about ‘scarf’ and trip to ‘Antarctica’.

Faiz Akram has written 6 lines for the show hosts. Then he touched the hearts of the people by reciting a recent incident which has shocked us once again. Listening to the depth of his work is always inspiring and refreshing.

Sarabjeet has once again recited through his wonderful sketches. His first poem was about his desire to write satire at LPB. In his second poem, he explained a very deep thought through this sketch and then poem. Read his poem here

Rahul Kumar, Brijesh Desphande, and Prashant recited in Hindi. Brijesh is a regular at LPB. He talked about disturbing thoughts and how many of the poets stay awake during the nights. Rahul talked about the love of Indians towards freebies. Although first timers, he expressed his interest towards LPB audience gracefully in his poem. Prashant was also a first timer and his poem revolved around parameters set by the society.

Not to forget, I have also recited at this event. Documenting past events proved valuable for me for this event. As I got chance to revive my own learning journey at LPB through my poem.

Although not in the list of poets, Trupti was given special welcome for her return to LPB after one full year. She is now a young mother. Her poem was about the son, written when he was not born. It was her message to her son till the time he will starting his own poems.

Amrutha Mam recited a short poem with the title ‘Words’. Words, thoughts are eternal and exist somewhere in the universe. So this poem talked about what do these words feel?

As always, LPB event was once again very refreshing with lot of thoughts exchanged and lot of words being communicated.

(Based on my personal experiences/observations. Need not to be true to the facts)

More information:
Let Poetry Be, Facebook page
Let Poetry be collection of Poems
Event Page ‘I found you at LPB’


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