Rising Degrees @BSS(Bangalore Storytelling Society)

Date 31-01-2016
Location Kavade, A Toy Hive, #143, CKN Chambers,1st Main Road, Seshadripuram, Bangalore-560020, Karnataka
Event description Switch on the TV , get up early in the morning or open the papers , there is a reference to something rising all the time , and at what degree remains with the consumer and the presenter . RISING DEGREE is the theme for this month meetup and you are welcome to interpret it in ways you want , from the summer to coffee  to expression to fever …

Event summary

Like every other BSS event, this was also very special. We all could sense the rising temperature of the city. May be that was the reason for having this event in the evening. The temperature on 24.04.2016 was highest in eight decade and that may be the reason for low turnout. But that did not deter some of the story lovers. The evening was very cozy, intimate and run in a very comfortable environment.

After we settled at beautiful Attic Kavade, our host for the evening ‘Aparna Athreya’ begin the conversation. She first talked about BSS and the different activities organized under the BSS umbrella. After this brief introduction, we all introduced ourselves and talked about our interest into storytelling.Then,we have played a small game. In this game, we had to reverse frame a story. Like, one person will tell the ending sentence and next to it has to go back to the previous sentence. It was just like watching a bollywood movie in flashback. Everyone enjoyed this exercise.

Then, storytelling session finally started.

  • 1
  • First story was narrated by Virkam Murthy. He shared a story about a man lost in the desert due to his curiosity, only to be discovered by an alien species. The starting, suspense, and ending were very good. All of us agreed that this could be part of some series or movie.

  • 2
  • It was my story. I took people to few years back in a small house in Rajasthan. Everyone gathered their for the summer vacation. Just like old days in India. When kids were spending their vacations at grand parents houses and majority of people sleeping on the terrace. And during one dark night, something happened. What happened? How it ended? Title of this story ‘बाबाजी का भूत (Ghost of Babaji)’ may give you some clue.

    Then we took a short break. Snacks were served to feed all the story enthusiasts bRajni from Kavade. After the break, we all settled again for one more round of storytelling.

  • 3
  • Shylaja Sampath recited a story written by Guru Rabindranath Tagore. A boy from village sent to city in a hope of better quality of education, life; only found himself very lonely. He was staying away from his family and found uneasy to tolerate behavior of his aunt. Certain stories to provoke our thoughts and this one surely did. Wonderfully recited by theater lover cum storyteller Shylaja.

  • 4
  • Then, it was our own Vikram Sridhar. He recited a real story of a 9 year old girl from Nepal. It was the story that took us to her village in Nepal, how the earthquake affected her life, and how one persons effort to put some happiness in our life. Today(25.04.2016), we will be remembering the one year post Nepal Earthquake. A very heart touching story.

    After recitation of every story, we discussed it it detail. We added our own thoughts and provide some feedback to the tellers.It was my first time to try something different. Generally, a comic short storyteller, today I tried something speculative 🙂 It was good try, but as always, I need to improve.
    The event ended on a fruitful note of staying in touch and meeting during the next meetup. Until next time! Keep reciting stories because everyone has a story.

    [Event summary based on personal experiences, need not to be true to facts]

    BSS April Storytelling Meetup : RISING DEGREE

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