Storytelling Jam Under the Trees

Date 17-04-2016
Venue Cubbon Park, Bengaluru
Event description

Been searching for more spaces to share?
Listen to stories, share your stories and weave stories together.
Let’s jam together.
Let’s spread our stories to get caught by the wind and lift them to Cubbon Park’s gorgeous trees draped with their splendid summer colours.

Where to assemble?
Right next to Coffee Day Square near UB City facing Cubbon Park. We will move into Cubbon Park from there.

What to you bring?
Yourselves! (and buckets and buckets of words please!)

How much does it cost?
It’s free! (whee!)

What do you wear?
Comfortable shoes and clothes that let you move around.
You can’t put a bunch of noisy people in the same space and expect it to be quiet!

Bharath Divakar
Master of theatre, storytelling and performance poetry
He is here to enchant you with tales and help you build your own!!

Get instruments if you’d like to 🙂 After all, it’s a jam..


I have been reciting short stories from quiet sometime. When I heard this totally new format of storytelling, I decided to give it a try. It was very hot in Bengaluru, with temperature touching around 35+ degree centigrade. Then also, I reached the venue and found many people for this meeting. From the assembly point, we all walked together into the park. We sat below and around a big Banyan tree.

Starting the afternoon, event facilitator Bharath Divakar first introduced himself and then asked us to move around. This exercise was meant to get to know someone, whom we have not met earlier. Thereafter, we all did an interesting exercise. It was a blind walk,where each one of us have to trust the person standing next to us. One person out of the 2, has to close his/her eyes and another person has to take the blind sighted person around the tree. After one round, the roles were swapped. It was very enjoyable experience. We have performed one more exercise. Each one of us has to mirror of the person standing/sitting next to us. It is like imitating the actions of other person just like the mirror.

Bharath then narrated a story of frigo the frog. Through this story, he highlighted important aspects of any story. Participants also gave some suggestions during this discussion.

After all these exercise, all the participants of this session were divided into the team of 6. Each team had to create a story based on 6 different key-words from the category of Name, Place, Food, Thing, Animal, Theme.

After 10-15 minutes of group discussion, each team was asked to present the story. Many interesting stories were narrated. Katananda, Unicorn, Hippo, Harry Potter, Antarctica, Panda were some interesting key-words, I can recall now.

My team story
We 6 member team (Me, Nupur Singhal, Smriti Hariths, Sangeeta Goel, Kedar, Avnish). We have chosen the word Gulabo, Raigarh, Thai Green Curry, Black, Vase and Butterfly for our story. I am taking liberty to give title, ‘Liberation by Gulabo’.

Long ago, in an ancient Kingdom ‘Raigarh’, there lived a king. He had a large palace with lush green gardens surrounding his palace. He was die hard fan of ‘Thai Green Curry’.

On his lunch table, there were imported Black roses in a white vase. They attracted everyone in the butterfly gang of the nearby places. But Gulabo the butterfly, was always kept away from this palace and could not even wander near to this place.There was a huge mirror blocking her path towards the dining room. She was also not colorful in butterfly gang compared to other butterflies.

She was also eyeing on the black imported rose. But, this big mirror stood like a Chinese Wall between her and those roses. One more person also hated this mirror for a long time. ‘Swiggy’, the royal rat felt trapped inside the palace for a long time. He wanted to feel the freedom. So, Gulabo wanted to get inside and Swiggy wanted to go outside. But.. the mirror did not allow this to happen until..

One fine day, when the King was eating his lunch(obviously Thai Green Curry), his son was playing cricket in the outside garden. His son was die-hard fan of Chris Gayle and always aiming for sixes(busy IPL season to blame). He hit the ball for six.. the ball was going ,going, and going.. until it hit the glass. The mirror/glass has broken into pieces due to this high impact force. Swiggy got his freedom and Gulabo got imported Black Roses.

For more details:
Event Page – Storytelling Jam Under the Trees

(Based on my personal experiences/observations. Need not to be true to the facts)


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