The Inside Story-Do I Know It? @Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru

Let poetry be_who am I

Date 20-02-2016
Location Atta Galatta, Kormangala, Bengaluru, India
Event description When it comes to “the inside story”, we all want to be on top of it…curious creatures that we are!

How well do we know our own inside story? “Who am I” is a question very few have the luxury of answering accurately. Do we view ourselves from the eyes of others or our own?

Let’s here your inside story through your poems. Give yourself a shot at The Inside Story-Do I Know It?

Event summary

LPB celebrated its second anniversary with this event.

With 31 poets to recite, this was going to be a very long evening. Host of the event asked each participant to sit for the entire evening and listen to each and every presenter. With this announcement, event proceeded under the capable direction of ‘Amrutha Mam’. You can find name of the poet and small description of their poems. There were lot of first timers in this event.

And there is a special surprise, listen to it 🙂

Despite, no power for more than half of the duration(3 hour 25 minutes including 2 long breaks), most of the people listened to every poet and stayed for the entire event. Definitely, LPB is becoming a great platform for creative writers like me.

  • 1.Apeksha Shalin Victor

She was the first timer at LPB.

  • 2.Balu M.

He is one of my favorite poet in the comic writing category. This time too, he did not disappointed us. I should not say much as his poem said everything else.
You can read his poems by clicking the following link:

  • 3.Ankit Khandelwal

It was my turn to recite a poem. Unlike the other time, this time I tried to map 2 year journey of LPB(Let Poetry Group), Bengaluru. My poem consisted of poets, themes, and other interesting facts about the LPB. So who am I? Well, I am the time, and LPB is my good friend 🙂
Watch my recitation.

Text version of the poem:

  • 4.Srividya Srinivasan

She recited in both Tamil and English.
Her first poem titled, ‘Naniyar’ that means ‘Who am I?. Based on her translation, I got the words like mother, talktative, stubburn, egosticl person who does bend to anybody.

Her second poem with title, ‘The complete’ ended with a very interesting line.
I am the believer in us as long as I believe.

Her third poem with title, ‘Waking up from the dream’ was equally interesting.

  • 5.Iftikhar Shah

For the first time in LPB, we had recitation in the Pahari language. It was a satire based on certain situation in the life. It was like a person is faced with a situation and he always says, ‘I do not care because I am a mature person and can take my own decisions’.

  • 6.Shreelakshmi Sudhakaran

She was first timer at LPB event.She recited 3 short poems. A line of her poem was very interesting, ‘This kind of tired I can handle’.

  • 7.Aarti Shyamsunder

She was participating in LPB after a one full year. Her poem titled, ‘Missed opportunity’ had few interesting lines.
I am the mistake which should be made
I am the one thing you lack
And I am the frog you should kiss

  • 8.Faiz Akram

He started his recitation by asking a very simple question. We have holidays to celebrate to do things and somehow he found it very uneasy. He recited 4 lines on the reason behind him single.
कभी एक जमाना था, जब शायर अपने शहर के नाम से जाना जाता था. आज वो बात नहीं हैं. इसी बात पर इनकी ४ पंक्तियाँ केन्द्रित थी.
इसके बाद इन्होने कोशिश की इस महीने की थीम पर लिखने की एवं ४ पंक्तियों से श्रोताओं को मंत्र्मुघ्द कर दिया.

  • 9.Kavitha Kasargod

Her poem was based on a very interesting theme, ‘Propelling in the dream, that could be mine’.

  • 10.Lakshmi Ambady

She was first timer at LPB event. According to her, it is not important to know about me but important to know who are you. Her poem revolved around this thought and ended with, ‘I am who you are’. It is true that at the core level, most of us are alike.

  • 11.Sourav Roy

He recited in Hindi. पिछली बार की तरह इस बार भी सौरव जी हमें पुराणी यादों की तरफ खिंच ले गए| इनकी पहली कविता की शीर्षक नोटबुक का खोना, एक यात्रा के दौरान खोई गयी नोटबुक पर केन्द्रित थी.

दूसरी कव्टिया का शीर्षक देशद्रोह था. इसमें उन्होंने हाल ही मैं हुए कुछ चर्चित घटनाओं का चित्रण किया. इसकी एक पंक्ति बहुत ही अच्छी लगी
पड़ लिख लेने के बाद तो सोचना देशद्रोह हैं ना

  • 12.Anshul Nagori

अंशुल जी पहली बार काव्य संध्या मैं पदाहरे थे| इनकी पहली कविता की एक पंक्ति मैं बताना चाहुंग

चुना नहीं था मैंने तुमको
काली अँधेरी रात मैं का, मैंने एक बुरा सपना देखा

इनकी दुस्सरी कविता भी प्यार एवं बेवफाई पर केन्द्रित थी. मैं ठीक से सुन नहीं पाया, इसीलिए जयादा वर्णन करना मुश्किल हैं|

  • 13.Sreeparna

She started her recitation by emphasizing that identities are often relational and situational. Her poem, ‘Unbecoming-becoming’ was into 2 parts. According to her, 1st part is sad and second part is hopeful. Everyone admired depth of her thoughts.

  • 14.Sarabjeet Singh

He was also one of the first timer at LPB. His first poem was about the predicament. In his second poem (along with the sketch), he talked about a lonely girl with title, ‘Nature’s Lullaby’. His third poem (also with a sketch) talked about anxiety of a girl’s father.

But, everyone really enjoyed his 4th poem with the title, ‘Quarter Life Crisis’. You can read it here

  • 15.Rahul Kumar

यह पहली बार काव्य संध्या मैं पधारे थे. इनकी कविता का शीर्षक ‘मैं कौन’ था
कुछ पंक्तियाँ जो मैं कहना चाहूँगा:

एक पता मुरझाया, हवाओं के थपेड़े से फूल पाया
एक शायर दुनिया की सेर पर चला
मैं अच भी हूँ, एवं बुरा भी
सच्चा भी हूँ,एवं झूठा भी
मैं एक पानी की तरह हूँ, जिसमें मिल जाएँ उसी का रंग बन जाता हूँ

  • 16.Mamtha

A talented person at such a young age? Well, her different poems won the heart of everyone and she got standing ovation from the crowd this time too. ‘Who am I?’, this little question causes lot of frustration.
Her first poem was our identity. She talked about how languages are part of our identity and understanding them is necessary. In her second poem, she talked about the bees.

Her third poem took all of us back to our childhood days. It was the time, when we became jealous of our friends for ‘n’ number of reasons. The title of the poem, ‘Demons’ perfectly suited it. Her 4th poem, was about the questions we always asked from our parents while growing up. In her 5th poem, she talked about the music of Sea.

  • 17.Maitrayi Nag

It was her first poem in English 🙂 with the title, ‘I I I’ . She hails from eastern part of India and living in Bengaluru from a long time. She is often mistaken for north Indian. Her poem talked this kind of mixing and ended with a beautiful line, ‘I am just a bloody Indian, hailing from the east’.

Her second poem was written in Bengali. Some people think, that are they are special and nothing bad will happen to them. But if does happen, how the life would be? Title of this poem was ‘neer bishesh’.

  • 18.Sushil

He is well known among many people for some of his wonderful poems. Today, he recited a poem, he has written just 2 hours earlier.

  • 19.Gaurav Gothi

He recited couple of poems. According to him, ‘who am I is not a question but just a journey’. I particularly remember one line from his poem.
मैं कौन हूँ, यह सोचना अब व्यर्थ समझता हूँ

  • 20. Arjun Iyenger

He is a multilingual person and recited poems in Kannada, Hindi, and English in earlier LPB meetups. His first poem was in Hindi with the title, ‘Who am I’. He used lot of vedic knowledge in his poem. It was wonderful to hear someone so deeply knowledgeable in Sanskrit language. In ‘Swept away’, he described floods of Uttrakhand in 2013. In one of his another poem, he has also given tribute to soldiers of Indian army, posted in difficult terrains of Siachen.

  • 21.Neha Sureka Agarwal

Her first poem was about success, personal transformation and underlying regret. It is all losing our connect with our dialects.
It just took all of us to the Budelkhand region of Central India.

With the starting line, ‘बुंदेलखंड की बैंडिट क्वीन हुए तो क्या हुए गवा’, the poem talked about mindset related to learning English language. I can talk more but may be you should read it at:

Her second poem was titled, ‘Life will you be my valentine’. It can be read at:

  • 22.Mihika Shankar

She was reciting for the first time at LPB. She has given a context before recitation. She was always known as a girl with long nose. She hated her nose, until her parents told her about a story, how her long nose saved her life.
Titled, ‘Curious case of Dec 21st’ described everything word by word.

  • 23.Vidya Krishna

इन्होने भी हिंदी मैं काव्यपाठ किया| Through her different poems, she tried to find the answer of this month theme, ‘Who am I?’.

इनकी पहली कविता का शीर्षक ‘रिक्त स्थानों की पूर्ति’ था.

दूसरी कविता का शीर्षक ‘एक रुपये के वो हनुमान’ था. इसमें वह हममें बचपन के उन गुलाबी सालों की तरफ ले गयी, जिसको हम हमेशा याद करते हैं.
तीसरी कविता का शीर्षक ‘मैं’ था. इस कविया की एक पंक्ति काफी यादगार लगी
में और मैं, क्या फिर्क हैं?

In her another poem, ‘Maan Hated Cooking’, she talked about our mothers and their kitchen.

जैसे की आप सभी जानते हैं की आज ДЗИ LPB की दुस्सरी वर्श्गंथा हैं. उस्सी पर आधारति उनकी एक कविता थी. इसका शीर्षक कविता को तुम रहने दो. यह आजकल के परिपेक्ष्य पर एक कताश था. When everyone is tweeting even a smallest things of their life.

  • 24.Olivier Normandin

In our whole life, we face the daunting question of who am I? He wrote a long poem answering each of these questions. He has been requested by audience to recite in French next time.

  • 25.Pujan Choudhary

Unfortunately, I could not hear her poem. The title of the poem was, ‘Scarlet in the Sky’ and it can be read at her blog.

  • 26.Brijesh Deshpande

इन्होने भी हिंदी मैं काव्यपाठ किया. इन्होने एक अलग ही तरीके से event theme ‘Who am I’ को देखा हैं एवं इससे प्रस्तुत भी किया.

  • 27.Arnab Dey

He returned back to LPB after 2 years :)His first poem was depressing according to him. It was relation of feelings with clowns. In his second poem, he talked about 2 different thoughts of mind through a conversation. He also recited a poem with the theme’What I wish to be’.

  • 28.Nitish Nair

Like Balu, he is also a most awaited poets in every LPB event. For this event, he wanted to recite in his mother-tongue Malayalam but he could not write a poem on it 🙂 Anyway, his poem title ‘Hollow Man’ was equally impressive. I particularly like this line. ‘Life is going out of me’, it is like someone observing his own life from outside. Wonderful imagery.

  • 29.Eva

On the request of everyone from the audience, she finally decided to recite one of her latest poem. It was based on her experience of visiting Jaipur Literature Festival. Poem was titled,’Explicated Power of the Word’.

(Based on my personal experiences/observations. Need not to be true to the facts)

More information:
Let Poetry Be, Facebook page
Let Poetry be collection of Poems
Event Page


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