Webinar about Product Management @Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore

Date 15-02-2016
Location Online
Organizer Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore, India
Event description
Product Leaders Forum (PLF) is the leading conference for product people in India. Its aim is to provide an active forum for building stronger product mindset and skillset, accelerating career paths and promoting the next generation of product leaders. The fourth edition of the conference is on Feb 19th at the Ritz-Carlton Bangalore.
Join this free webinar to get an insight into PLF, what’s hot, who to meet, and how to get the most out of the conference.
We invite senior product executive Amit Goel to chat with Pinkesh Shah. Amit will share his thoughts on what PLF means to the Indian product ecosystem in giving professionals an opportunity to network and learn from veterans in the industry.


Product development is not new for me.My interest towards product management started during my master studies at Technical University of Denmark. During the course, ‘Product Development’;we were working as a team of 5 people handling different directions. We have developed a process for reducing shoe smell. It contained various aspects (technology, scaling up, market, customer choices). The methodology has remained the same when I modified it to design my ‘Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st century)’ project. The product here was not a physical identity but an ideology.

In this webinar, both speakers highlighted the rise of product management profession in India. Unlike other areas like engineering, marketing etc; product management has not been well defined until recent years. Product management is a very interdisciplinary field clearly seen by many of the participants. They have also highlighted the inbound and outbound approach of product management. A product manager needs to be aware of customer preference, co-ordinate with team of engineers, and taking a develop product to sales, marketing teams.

On responding to question from the other participants, they also talked about hiring process of a product manager in different companies. They agreed, that there is no fixed hiring mechanism for product manager. It varies on case by case basis. But generally, it consists of ability to understand customs research, demonstrate leadership to resolve conflicts among different stakeholder, and grasp of the working domain.

The webinar also showcased the upcoming product leaders forum event. For me, product showcase competition looks very interesting. It is open for everyone. The webinar ended with promise of seeing each other on the upcoming product leaders forum event.

I enjoyed this short webinar. It has provided me the opportunity to look different sides of product management and a confidence of using technical learning into managerial tasks.

The event has been recorded and you can also listen to the recordings.

(Event summary is based on my personal experiences)

About the speakers
> Amit Goel – LinkedIn profile
Entrepreneur, VP & Head of Product, Knowlarity
Amit has around 15 years experience in the technology space with a penchant for building highly disruptive products. In his current role as Vice President & Head, Product Management at Knowlarity, one of the leading cloud telephony companies in Asia, he handles new product initiatives, product management and owns the complete customer experience and lifecycle.

> Prof. Shah – LinkedIN profile
Director of Programs, Institute of Product Leadership
Mr. Shah is a Silicon Valley Executive who has been a Product Management Executive for the last 14 years in US. Most recently he was the global Vice President of Product Management at McAfee R&C BU(now acquired by Intel). Having played a key role in understanding how global products have to be adapted to work in emerging markets, he also started the product management organization in McAfee India. Shah started Adaptive marketing (www.adaptivemarketing.in) with a vision to create next generation product managers and marketers in India to enable technology product and services companies to market their product globally. He is a guest faculty at several B-schools like IIM Bangalore, Amsterdam University etc. He is an angel investor and is currently one of the founding Board member at Institute of Product Leadership (www.productleadership.in) – a Business school focused on technology professionals.

More information:
Institute of Product Leadership, Facebook page
Institute of Product Leadership, website
Online Webinar
Product Leaders Forum Bangalore 2016 – What to Expect

Product Leaders Forum, 2016 – Bangalore


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