Diary Entries: Memories from the past in the new year @BSS

Date 31-01-2016
Location Kavade, A Toy Hive, #143, CKN Chambers,1st Main Road, Seshadripuram, Bangalore-560020, Karnataka
Event description Diary entries – memories of the past in the new year – Stories of our new year resolution gone wild , stories of people who have the habit of writing, the crazy new year party or others things a diary is associated with . A folk tale about a crazy bucket list , a villager who used to write to remember ( due to his memory loss) maybe … stories that bond people with hope and excitement , Come share a personal story or a folk tale or a fictional piece which warms our heart with its sharing.

Event summary
Bangalore Storytelling Society meet-ups are always special and recent meet-up was no different. Theme of this month meet-up was based on the recently passed New Year eve. We all look forward(or least some of us) on our notes to memorize the past and try to fix our future. This meetup brought some of those moments into the life. Venue for this meetup has been changed from Atta Galatta to ‘Kavade, A Toy Hive’. KAVADE is a niche Toy Hive in Bangalore which strives to promote traditional, value enriched learning through games without moving too far away from nature. More about it can be read here

I arrived early at the venue and got opportunity to play one such game.

At the starting of the event, event host Vikram Sridhar asked each person to introduce himself/herself without their name and profession. The essence of this introduction to express yourself as you, not what you do or studied. Interesting answers came out from the people. They ranged from love of history, nature, cooking, traveling as well as being fan of celebrities. It was interesting to share my introduction with people and also listening their introduction without name and profession. After the initial round, we all were settled for listening for the story of the people.

  • 1
  • Narrated by Sowmya, it talked about a personal story of crushes. She also narrated a Sufi tale of forgetting the past called, ‘The Water of Madness’.

  • 2
  • Narrated by Virkam Murthy, it took us to a Dystopian Future questioning our grasp of the past and present. This was part one and he promised to recite part 2 in the future.


    Before we took a short break, founder of Kavade Sreeranjini gave a small description of this place.

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  • It was my story, and about helping a 4 year old kid in finding his parents. Lot of interesting events happened and I enjoyed telling the story.

    You can watch the story here:

    In between each of the stories, we had various discussions about the essence of stories. We have also talked about the Bengaluru becoming a cultural melting point, with people from all over the country are residing here.We also discussed more about the memories, how they are stored in our brain. How stories were never written for the Children but for everyone.

    Overall, it was a wonderful evening and I once again enjoyed this meetup.

    [Event summary based on personal experiences, need not to be true to facts]

    About Bangalore Storytelling Society
    Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS), a not-for-profit collective, formed by professional storytellers in 2013, is dedicated to reviving, nurturing and promoting the art of oral storytelling. It organizes theme-based story events, and create opportunities for story lovers–of all ages–to tell and listen to tales and re-discover some of what we’ve lost in this wonderful, but somewhat isolating, technological age. This Flag ship event has already seen two seasons and now their 3rd edition at Atta Galatta promises to be a knock out too.

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