Resolutions-A New Awakening!@Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru

Resolutions a new awakening_let poetry be

Date 16-01-2016
Location Atta Galatta, Kormangala, Bengaluru, India
Event description Resolutions are in fashion, come end of the year…Are you in step with the trend? Let’s hear about how you plan an awakening in the coming year 🙂 Or, would you rather look back on all the past resolutions which never truly woke up! Has a resolution made, turned your life around?
We want to hear your story in verse…

Walk the verse in your resolutions
Event summary
Event was started with the poem recitation of Let Poetry Be event co-host ‘Sonali Bhatia’. And then it was proceeded under the capable direction of ‘Amrutha Mam’. You can find name of the poet and small description of their poems. There were lot of first timers in this event. Surprisingly, many people took resolution to write, recite, and came out of closet in this coming year with ‘LPG’ becoming their preferred platform.
LPB will celebrate its second anniversary in the month of February,2016. Congratulations!!

Wonderful Audience at the event Photo Courstey: Prmod Shankar

Wonderful Audience at the event Photo Courstey: Prmod Shankar

  • 1. Vidya Krishna

She recited in Hindi. Her first poem was about rediscovering passion in the life. And after discovering our passion, we may want to go further to achieve it. But how about all those outside distractions? Her second poem address those issues and talked about living in the moment and not to lose sight in this journey. Forgiveness was the theme of her final poem.

  • 2. Apurva Shivaram

Generally, we make resolution ourselves. In her poem, she drew us to a group of friends. These people jointly 36 things to do it in a year. Her poem was inspired by these real life decision.
Her another poem was about the wanderlust and inspired by her journey to Poland,Prague and Budapest.

  • 3.Varsha Venktesh

How long do we follow the resolutions? Probably, most of them are broken in the routine daily life. She described this situation in her poem. Her poem also throw a light on ‘Fear’. We all have some sort of fear in our life. In her poem, she specifically mentioned about fear of moving late in the night.

  • 4. Vishnu Prasad

‘What core changes must happen to me during this new year?’, his poem was focused on this aspect.

  • 5.Neha Sureka Agarwal

Despite too much thinking, she could not give title to her poem. She asked audience to give a title to her very short (around 3 minute plus/minus 1 minute according to her estimate)poem. Lot of title came up and by now she must have given a title to her ‘untitled’ poem. You can read her untitled poem here

  • 6. Sreeparna  and Nitish Nair

It is always wonderful to hear Nitish for his comic style. In this event, he teamed up with Sreeparna Ghosh this time to come up with yet another beautiful poem. This poem talked about a salesman trying to sell insecurity to a woman. Wonderful portrayal of thoughts, emotions, and current situations. In fact, it was one wonderful debate, enjoyed by everyone in the audience.

  • 7.Pramod Shankar

How a married man can be nicer to his wife? Well, this was the theme of his first poem. In his second poem, he looked into the life of a single person, who wanted to be alone for some time. In his other short poems, he praised all brown eyes people and people who love ‘fish’.
Have you felt the presence of someone, who was very close to you but the person is not alive anymore? Well, Pramod describe this situation very beautifully in his poem.

These different poems can be read on Pramod’s blog:

  • 8. Sayantika Majumder

One of her new year resolution is coming out of the closet and recite poetry in open slams like ‘LPB’. This poem described her version of being hopeful in life along with her earlier described new year resolution.

  • 9. Sarit Sethi

He recited both in both Hindi and English languages.(Hindi and English)
New Year has came, so what? Only the digits has changed, nothing new has happened. His first poem was based on this theme. Like similar events in past, his poem also gave woman in life and threw a light upon some of the past things (Nirbhaya Case 3 years ago and nothing much has changed).
His another poem was about ‘Mother (Maan)’. It reminded each one of us our childhood days.

  • 10. Maitri Nag

Majority of poems at ‘LPB’ events are in Hindi or English. For the first time, there was a poem in Bengali language. There comes a time, when people started to fear the death. You do not have to panic 🙂 ‘Fear of Death’ was the title of her poem and she described this situation through her poem.
Her second poem was inspired from Taoism. It has inspired from her personal experiences in context of the teaching, ‘Do not be a mountain but be a valley and good things will come to you’. Title of this poem was ‘Shapath’.

  • 11. Mamta

A talented person at such a young age? Well, her different poems won the heart of everyone and she got standing ovation from the crowd. The broken resolution do not hurt because they are meant to be broken. It was the message from her first poem. Through her second poem, she described the nature club of her school.
Our former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was inspiration to each one of us but he was particularly favorite among school children. Her third poem was a tribute to him.
Her fourth poem was about a new kind of allergy 🙂 We all have it at some point of time but never think about it in this way. This allergy has a name,’Reading Habits’. In her final poem, she gave a message to everyone to stay unite a shine like a granite.
These powerful thoughts were coming from a 10 year old girl. No one can doubt on her talent and the standing ovation was a confirmation to this belief.

Poem Recitation  by Mamta: Photo Courtesy- Pramod Shankar

Poem Recitation by Mamta: Photo Courtesy- Pramod Shankar

  • 12.Gaurav Gothi

He recited couple of poems. In his first poem based on the new year and touched the aspect of balancing act between mind, body and soul. His poem was slightly comic and described how we lost the meaning of ‘How are you?’.

  • 13. Balu M

He if one of my favorite poet in the comic writing category. This time, his poems were not just about the new year resolutions but also about our temptation to get rid of those resolutions.
You can his poems by clicking the following link:

  • 14. Harieshwar

Like Mamta, we had one more school students among the poets. It was a great feeling to have this great mix of poets and audience. ‘Resolutions- A new awakening’ was the title of his first poem. Resolutions are made throughout the year but most important are made on the new year day. Agree? Because that is the day, we actually reflect the entire year. It was the theme of his second poem.

  • 15. Sanjeev Shukla

He has recited in Hindi. How 2 ordinary people make a new year resolution? Well, you can watch this video to understand it easily.

  • 16. Eva

‘Resolution’ was the title of her first poem. Her second poem came from her own life experiences. It was based on the ‘Sindhi’ community and finding new identity post 1947 partition of erstwhile ‘British India’. Inspiration of this poem came from a Sindhi poet, who researched and published a book(& poem) on it. She first recited a verse from the poem and then completed it in her own words.

  • 17.Pujan Choudhary

Many of the poet in this event made a resolution to start reciting poem in the year 2016. Pujan was one among them. This poem was written during a very critical mood. In this poem, she asked a very simple question, ‘What we are doing to add value to the life?’. More about the poem can read at :

  • 18. Srividya Srinivasan

Unfortunately, I could not hear her first poem. Her second poem was about resolution. There was a beautiful line, ‘The birds got away and sailing goes too about the resolution, I made up my mind to be just be me.

  • 19.Sourav Roy

He recited in Hindi. पिछली बार की तरह इस बार भी सौरव जी हमें पुराणी यादों की तरफ खिंच ले गए| इनकी पहली २ कवितायेँ ‘हम जब बोलते हैं’ एवं ‘फेरी वाले को देखते हुए’ ने जिंदगी को कुछ अनछुए एवं अतरंगी पहलुओं का बहुत ही सजीव चित्रण किया| उन्होंने मार्कस बाबा के नाम से मशहूर राहुल सांकृत्यायन से हम सभी का परिचय करवाया| इनकी एक अन्य कविता मैं इन्होने अपने रेलवे कॉलोनी के आवास की एक शाम का बहुत ही सुन्दर रूपांतरन किया| आप भी पड़ सकते हैं हैं , ‘हम जब बोलते हैं’ एवं फेरी वाले को देखते हुए ‘

  • 20. Krithika Radhakrishnan

She wanted to pursue career in writing and becoming an artist. Her poem ‘Life is now’ talked about her decision of quitting 9 to 5 corporate job and starting a totally new life. ‘Free Fall’ was the title of her second poem. It was about thanksgiving to someone. You can read this poem here

  • 21. Faiz Akram

इस बार इन्होने कुछ अलग प्रयास किया एवं कश्मीर का आम वाशिंदों की जिंदगी को अपनी गायकी से प्रस्तुत किया| इनकी अगली कविता की शीर्षक था ‘इतना ही काफी हैं’| इसकी २ पंक्तियाँ मुझे अच्छी लगी| ‘मिले एक कश्ती और पतवार इतना ही काफी हैं
हो जाएँ दरिया पार बस इतना ही काफी हैं ‘. आप भी इनकी नज़्मों का लुत्फ़ उठा सकते हैं, बस इस लिंक पर क्लिक किजीयें.

  • 22. Harshad Gupta

He recited “Utopia” and “The Eternal Wait”. You can listen to these poems here:

  • 23. Arjun Iyenger

He is a multilingual person and recited poems in Kannada, Hindi, and English. His first poem was a satire on the odd-even traffic plan of New Delhi. In ‘Elusive Bride’, he described a person doing his job and searching for a bride.
He also touched upon the poor integration of north eastern community with the mainland India through his poem.
His last poem was in Kannada language. After recitation in Kannada, he recited the translated version in Hindi.कविता मैं इन्होने बेंगलुरु में हो रही बे-मौसम बरसात का जिक्र किया|

  • 24. Varsha Vivek

It was her first attempt in writing a poem. Her first poem, ‘Mark 21st’ was composed of many things related to resolution. But I like her second poem more. With title ‘revenge of driving’, it was an open challenge to all the drivers on Bengaluru roads. It was a revenge of road against the illegal driving.

(Based on my personal experiences. Need not to be true to the facts)

More information:
Let Poetry Be, Facebook page
Let Poetry be collection of Poems
Event Page


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