Heartbroken Virus

Title: Heartbroken Virus
Author: Ankit Khandelwal

In this poem, lot of hindi words are used in between English lines. They have been translated into brackets for better understanding of the non-Hindi speaking readers.

#Bollywood songs play a huge role in many people lives. What if they overpower someone?

Ebola outbreak forced countries to go underground
Swine flu made our immune system to go down
What if, रूठे हुए दिल(offended heart), तनहा मन(lonely mind) given the instant dose of bollywood sound
Heartbroken virus will become a reality, as crazy as it sounds

#imagine the situation when songs are banned, public display of affection is strictly forbidden

Someone just arrived outside the police station
Hiding his टूटा हुआ दिल(broken hearts) just to avoid others attention
Heartbroken virus clearly created this situation
He was rushed immediately to art of living condition

#Shouting by the guy while taking to the art of living conditions
My दिल(heart) goes mmmm for her smile
My ears hear only her दिल की धड़कन(heart beats)
My eyes neither goes to sleep nor stay awake
My दिमाग(mind) follows her just like Mungerilal’s हसीं (fancy) dreams

I banged straight at the door of her heart
Just to avoid going through BBMP’s bureaucratic plot
She denied giving even एक सुई जितनी(ek needle size) land
Forcing my टुटा हुआ दिल (broken heart) to lodged F.I.R. Against this इनकार (refusal)
(F.I.R: Frustration based intentionally motivated official revenge)

#police inspector wanted to know more
Which गाना (song) penetrated so deep in your heart?
किस गली मैं (in which street) all this has started?
When exactly the song came in your thought?
Despite censorship, किसकी मजाल (Who dared) to infect you with this virus?

#And the lover replied
अकेलेपन (Loneliness) thoughts corrupted my sight (or made me blind sighted?)
2 kg free dal with old bollywood movie bought my heart
An old प्यारभरा (lovely) song took me to a new heaven
every खूबसूरत (beautiful) lady now looking like 007

In the days of Gaaana.com app and spotify live stream
Who cares if she stays at mars or moon
She became my खुदा (God) with bollywood songs as my only गवाह (witnesses)
Who cares if कभी अलविदा न कहना (Never say goodbye) transformed into कभी हाँ न कहना (Never say Yes)

Wanted to built for her एक बंगला बड़ा न्यारा (one good building)
But bank denied loan saying तू तो हैं मोहब्बत का मारा (you are sick lover person)
I could not resist because यह दिल तो हैं आवारा (this heart is jobless)
Despite her pink eyes and blue hairs, I will never become मिस्टर बेचारा (Mister helpless)

#Inspector got furious on his answers
Pink eyes & blue hairs never found in an Indian
We seemed to be under attack by unknown create sent by aliens
Call the spiritual or प्यार के दुश्मन (anti love) brigade
This guy must be saved before situation aggregate

प्यार के दुश्मन (anti love) brigade could not find any solution
गुजरता हुआ हर पल (passing every moment) only complicated the situation
His तन्हाई (loneliness) widening his love illusion
Replacing टूटा हुआ दिल (broken heart) seems to be the best possible solution

Search for replacing broken heart started (or commenced immediately)
Tweets with hashtag #searchingantiloveheart surfaced anonymously
Amid this जोल्झाल (confusion) of analyzing so much information
टूटा हुआ दिल (broken heart) finally got a dead mental patient confirmation

#There were so many broken heart lovers around, how they can allow one person to get treatment?? So

But with so much heartbroken फ़ौज (people) around
Replacing just one heart looks as bad as it sounds
Our heroes while killing 100 villain may not get a single bullet wound
But this गुमशुदा (missing) dil(heart) was not easily going to rebound

Under the attack of #heartbroken peace cum demonstration party
Bengaluru traffic police forced to enact green corridor disparity
With situation temporary under control
Swapping of heart operation has been finally restored

#Inspector gave some speech to others
Love is beautiful but जिंदगी एक खुशनुमा एहसास हैं (Life is a very good feeling)
Choose your life not प्यार भरे फ़िल्मी गीत (love filled songs)
Do something better to make us live hassle free lives

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