BMTC Ride in the Night: Where Frustration Reached a New Height

Title: BMTC Ride in the Night: Where Frustration Reached a New Height
Team: Ankit Khandelwal & Ilu the Poet


Last trip of Monday night, arrival of rain is not a good sign
After denied promotion and insulted for not meeting targets
Duty of conductor brings lot of tension in my life
Hopefully, I will see my family without burning myself till midnight

Here comes the silk board junction,
as usual bringing more congestion to already over subscribed team of homosapiens
Someone smoking, someone sweating
Why this IT crowd never learns to behave properly?

Is he crazy?
Bombarding me with work beyond a single person’
s capability!
Always asking for status like a honey bee!
Guess what they had told while testing my logical ability,
“We promise to give you a programmer’s identity!”
But now, within an year of service, i feel ive lost all my sanity!
And what’s more frustrating than waiting half an hour for a bus daily,
Hoping to claim just one seat empty,
Only to realize its already over 8:30!

#after i board the bus ill go to sleep…then you come and wake me up for ticket
#arrange for chair

[conductor] Ticket, ticket, ticket!! Excuse me madam, ticket or show your pass

[Lady] Has my destination arrived already?
[c]Madam, where you want to go?
[Lady] Where is the end of this journey?
[c] Pizza hut at BMTC warehouse
[Lady]This is 356 CW seri?
[c] Yes, this is bus 356 CW, but its going to prime ministers rally
[Lady] I should get down then coz my mind tells me that’s supposed to be no entry!
[C] Wait mam! Pay for the ticket before getting down
[Lady] Okay! What’s the cost? Tell me..
[c] 15 rupees
[Lady]15 Rs. for 2 stops ! Have you gone barmy ! [the women is searching her purse while telling this]
[c] Onion prices gone too high, our tummy requires more pie

[Lady] Anna, credit card chalega? I don’t have money! [showing debit card]

[c] No change madam, please give change!!

[c] BMTC is a public corporation
Protecting its assets requires everyone’s co-operation
Not a penny more not a penny less is the rule of life
Forgot 10% discount, this is non-negotiable public bus ride

[i] sorry anna, change illa ji..

We all had enough of your melodrama
You need to get out as quickly as possible
Every moment of your stay only increases frustration of others
and kill more people with delay and excess Co2 in air

Lady shows torn 5rs note[i]

This kind of cheating will not work madam
IT employee should not break strict govt laws in place
I need to give daily hisab to my shift in-charge
Accepting this 5 rs note will reduce my promotional chance

Can someone generous enough help me?
What i need is a lil money..
in this era of netbanking and internet facility,
ill repay penny by penny
please show a little empathy towards the needy
After all, we all are a part of same society

Look at the modern ladies of our country
Traveling always with a credit card, just to avoid tax fraud
Forgot that this bus is not equipped with a wi-fi facility.
Is there anyone in the crowd, who will accept 5 rs with a net-banking transfer? [with a small laugh]


Oh my my, this for sure is insanity!
With no trace of humanity,
what’s left of this world is just hypocrisy!
Everyone loves to be a twitter tweety,
online, mocking the vices in society,
but when it comes to doing their bit in reality,
turns out you would find nobody in an emergency!
Welcome to the 21st century –
Fake people with their fake modesty!

Okie okie.. You can sit down
With so much black money lying abroad, 5 rs is not such a big crime
Next time, carry the change
As you can see, bringing your frustration on others will not bring any change

[final lines]
[Lady] BMTC Ride in the Night: Where Frustration Reached a New Height
[Conductor] Everybody must exercise tolerance in equal terms & rights

Entry was part of the ‘Drama Company-Dramatized Poetry’ event organized by Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru on 21-11-2015.

Disclaimer This work is purely based on imagination of the two authors, it may or may not coincide with real life situation.


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