Formula Verse @Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru

formula verse

Date 19-09-2015
Location Atta Galatta, Kormangala, Bengaluru, India
Event description Let’s here you read your poems that talk of any Mathematical or Science concepts, theories, formulae etc. You can shake up a cocktail of Science and Math and somewhere while stirring and writing, you may strike upon your own invention…not just the poem, but a life-changing, world-changing invention, theorem and what have you!

You don’t want to miss this Archimedes! Get Newton and Einstein along… 🙂

Event summary
You can find name of the poet and small description of their poems.

  • 1.Neha Sureka Agarwal

Her poem involved Newton’s 3 laws of motion. It involved lot of elements from the high profile murder case filling pages of newspaper now a days. It can be read here:

  • 2.Gaurav Gothi

His poem revolved around Economics. For the first time, I heard GDP is also known as Gross Domestic Poverty.One of his poem talked about impurity in the revolution movements. It is highly relevant for present time, when everyone trying to become a revolutionist. Another of his poem assumed himself as X and then described life as formulas,equations.

  • 3.Sourav Roy

He took all of us few years in past and described his experiences of preparing for IIT JEE examination. His poem revolved around materialistic life, formulas, equations and inability to find solutions.

  • 4.Sahana Shetty

Her poem took an interesting take on all the scientific discoveries happened so far. In this poem, if the discoveries were never happened the way they happened,our life could be much more easier. No light and only candle light dinner, no heavy text book to understand those heavy formulas etc.

  • 5. Surbhi Chatterjee

She has tried to understand depression from the principles of Darwin. In her poem, if life becomes too difficult than instead of adapting to it, may be breaking out and asking help from others is a very good option.

  • 6. Nitish Nair

He is favourite of each one of us and always awaited. In this time, too his poem has brought many of the mathematical equations to light in comical way. Unfortunately, I cannot recall much about his poem to write it down here.

  • 7. Avini Oberoi

‘Mathematics’ is very fascinating subject but not everyone loves it and some even hate it. Her poem with title, ‘Maths: Waiting to ace’ ended with a beautiful line: ‘Maths deal with notion while poetry deals with emotions’

  • 8. Balu M

It has been specifically mentioned by our host Amurtha, that Balu works in ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization). His poem was enjoyed by all of us. It can be read here:

  • 9. Smriti Raj Vardhini

She recited the poem revolving around Newton’s first law of motion. There is no doubt that Newton’s has been loved by all of us in the event. Around 40% of the poems has somewhat direct of indirect relationship with Sir Issac Newton.

  • 10. Ankit Khandelwal

It’s me :)My poem talked about a mathematician and drama revolving around his wedding. The poem titled ‘Newton’s 3 laws of wedding’ and can be read here:

  • 11. Srividya Srinivasan

Her poem talked about Quantum Physics, Ramanujam’s Number as well as Wave Particle Duality. I totally dived deeply into the world of Physics after a long time.

  • 12. Abhinav Yadav

Abhinav Yadav works in the field of neurology. One of his poem was inspired by two different kinds of people in Atacama desert, Chile. One of them are astronomers doing research to uncover mystery of galaxies. Another are the old women, who are searching for the remains of their beloved ones, thrown into desert during the dictatorship days. His poem through the eyes of science beautifully captured these 2 lives beautifully in his poem.

At the end of the event, Atul Jain mesmerized all of us with his on the spot developed poem. Abhishek Jain taught us tan3A in very beautiful way. Overall the event was very successful and each one of us were delighted to see Mathematics in so many different colors.

More information:
Let Poetry Be, Facebook page
Let Poetry be collection of Poems
Event Page


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