Karnkavita Book Launch(कर्णकविता पुस्तक का विमोचन)


Date 21-08-2015
Location Atta Galatta, Kormangala, Bengaluru, India
I was very excited to attend the launch of Karnkavita. I knew some of the poets personally and also got opportunity to listen to them in earlier events. 21st August falls on Friday. Being a weekday, there was no doubt that I might stuck in the traffic jam while traveling to the venue. Weather forecast also predicted the precipitation on Friday afternoon. I decided to reach Atta Galatta earlier and sit there in relaxed environment than being stuck in the traffic jam. So, I reached around 17:00 hours at the venue. As per my observation, except the organizers, I was the first person to be show up for the event.

People started to come after some time and it has also started to rain after 18:00. As promised on the Facebook page earlier, event started on time.

First, our host Subodh Shankar (co-founder of Atta Galatta) briefly described Atta Galata. With the publication of Karnkavita, Atta Galatta has also achieved a milestone by venturing into the book publishing.

He introduced 3 guests of the evening:

  • 1:
  • Shinie Antony:Founder of Bangalore Literature Festival

  • 2:
  • Shradha Sharma:Founder of the website www.yourstory.com

  • 3:
  • Sourav Roy: Editor of Karnkavita

    Every event starts with an invitation and this was no exception. KR Mathuvanti, a 7th class student has done it in a very melodious way.

    Subodh Shankar then invited one of the supporters of Atta Galatta’s effort to keep diversity of Language, Mrs. Padmavati Rao. She has described the importance of difference any language brings in to our conversation. What one can convey with Namaste cannot be conveyed using Good Morning and vice versa. She also asked each one of us to nurture our own language and try to pass it on to the future generation.

    Then promotional video of the book were played with few poets reading their poems.
    Promotional video 1

    Promotional video 2

    Afterwards, Shraddha Sharma took us back to her school days and described her interaction with her mother over the language. Her message to all of us, ‘knowing our values and being proud of them are more important than the outside appreciation’.

    Sourav Roy then took the stage and tried to describe the meaning, motive and passion associated behind Karnkavita. He started his talk by asking a simple question, ‘What is Karnkavita= collection of hindi poems written in Bangalore’. He then went on describing the meanings behind each of these word in context of current regional language environment.

    He emphasized the need to standardized the language. Until few decades, languages were spoken only in a particular region, due to limited means of communication. This trend is changing now with the arrival of new age communication tools, access to easy transportation etc. He then share an interesting insight about role of regional languages in enriching English language. The literature written in English now has a considerable content from regional perspective. Many of the recent literary prize are from non-native English speaking countries. To experiment and enrich Hindi, one has to expand beyond the particular region and communicate/collaborate with people from other regions.

    Poems are the best way to go to places, where one cannot go in reality. With poem we can dream things, we can even taste the iron. With a poem we can even feel the sound of darkness and alleviate our sense to new heights. Such is the power of poems and Karnkavita is the collaboration effort of bringing 30 Hindi poets at one place. These poems are written in Bengaluru with the context to concept is about Bengaluru.

    Sourav highlighted the collaboration with Atta Galatta (publisher of Karnkavita) in a simple phrase. How do you collaborate? Well, collaborate with someone with whom you are willing to fail.

    He ended with a promise to continue promoting Hindi and other regional languages in the coming days.

    After this, all the guests launched the book.

    Launching of Karnakvita

    Thereafter, each poet was individually called and presented a gift for their valuable contribution of poems in Karnkavita.

    List of featured poets in Karnkavita

  • 1: Ankur Pandey
  • 2: Atul Jain
  • 3: Abhinav Yadav
  • 4: Amit Sharma
  • 5: Amin Haque
  • 6: Aakruti Nirmal
  • 7: Acharya Balwant
  • 8: Utkarsh Dixit
  • 9: Kanhaiya Prasad Tiwari
  • 10: Divas Gupta
  • 11: Devdutta Bajpai
  • 12: Nilay Karambelkar
  • 13: Neeraj Pandey
  • 14: Padmavati Rao
  • 15: Pushpa M. Venkatesh Murthy
  • 16: Bikram Kapoor
  • 17: Bilal Jafri
  • 18: Mohan Pandey
  • 19: Mohit Kataria
  • 20: Rahil Arora
  • 21: Lovely Goswami
  • 22: Vikas Pratap Singh ‘Hiteshi
  • 23: Vikrant Singh Chouhan
  • 24: Shivangi Shukla
  • 25: Sandeep Shikhar
  • 26: Surabhi Chatterjee
  • 27: Sourav Kumar Sinha
  • 28: Sourav Roy
  • 29: Harshit Gupta
  • 30: Haider Jasdan
  • Sourav also paid great thanks to cover page designer Kalyani Ganpati and inside sketch designer Avni Jain.

    Thereafter, Lovely Goswami gave a small talk about the need of a poem to be able to connect with a poem. The event concluded with Atta Galtta co-founder Lakshmi Shankar gave vote of thanks to everyone present for the event.

    More information:
    Karnkavita, Facebook page
    Atta Galatta Website
    Event Page on Facebook

    (Based on my personal experience. Need not be true to the facts)


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