How MOOCs are bringing value to corporations?


– How new employees are gaining information from the experienced people in the company in an informal learning platform.

– How teams sitting across different geographies are working together and learning at the same time.

– How teams from different departments taking the same course and sharing their insights on a same problem with different angles. An excellent example of interdisciplinary working.

– Relationship of gaming with learning.

Found your answers and meet MOOCFactory Founder, Jos Maassen, in this 6th interview of the series “Life-changing experiences of learning with MOOCs”. Jos shares his insights from the perspective of both a MOOC student and a MOOC designer.

About the interview series, ‘Life changing experiences of learning with MOOCs’:

While working on my book, ‘Zero Cost Practical MBA’​, I re-captured my moments of taking Massive Open Online Courses since their inception from 2012 and how it has helped me in gaining knowledge in easier way. There are many others like me who have got benefited from these new wave of providing education to learners.

Thereafter , I launched an interview series in collaboration with bringing together people from different walks of life, professions, nationalities and age groups who were deeply associated with MOOC and gained a lot from these courses.


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