Why not? On Women’s Proposal of Marriage

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

This was the thematic topic of discussion earlier for this month. The month has almost ended 🙂 but still my opinion can matter.
First,I could not understand how to write about ‘Women proposal of Marriage’. Instead of developing my own thoughts on it first , I decided to ask opinion of others. So, I have spent time in asking both my friends from India and China about their opinion on it. The friends included people from both genders. They shared their own perspective and it was good enough to understand that I am not the only one, thinking on the similar lines.

Well, my answer to this question will be, why not? I mean, we are living in 21st century, where majority of tasks are handled by both the genders, then why can not a woman proposing to a man for marriage has to be different? In fact, it will reduce the many burdens faced by man today. One of them is finding a life partner. I am sure, women are also facing this uphill questions but it is more difficult for man for many of the social reasons.

Even if we are living in 21st centuries, where both men and women are earning good salaries, many things are still the same. It is expected from a Man to earn more money then his life partner, take lead in the relationship and arrange other things. Discussion forums are filled with examples describing the necessity to have a house, car and good bank balance before even thinking about marriage. A man, who is struggling to these things might feel very relaxed if job of finding partner can be taken by someone else. Or, as the article says, if a woman proposes a man, then it will reduce stress a bit.

Today’s man are at the crossroad. Earlier, they were taught (from childhood) about being focused fully on earning money, not to cry and show the weakness in front of audience and take care of the family. They may not have seen their mother going to offices. Instead, they have seen them taking care of family and staying at home. Now, when they see their prospective wives going to offices, they are finding it difficult to adapt to the new situation. However, in my experience, majority of them are able to adjust to this new reality very easily and learning to cook, clean house and helping in household work. Still, the society expect so much from them just like in the past. They may come under pressure in finding someone right.

So,they will feel much more relax if a women is able to identify them and bring forward the relationship proposal. This only entails the confidence of the women and many men prefer to have such life partner. My talks with majority of the people confirmed this belief and I myself personally like the idea of being proposed by someone, if I looked as a good person to start a life long relationship to that perspective woman.

(Taken from my blog at The China Daily, published on 31-07-2015)


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