Some content of Zero Cost MBA(Envisioning 21st century global manager) is hidden from public viewing

Zero Cost MBA_UNESCO presentation_first slide

Hi everyone,
Hope you are doing well. I am so amazed by the love, respect and honor received for my Zero Cost MBA(Envisioning 21st century global manager) project. A disruptive idea, which came out of the necessity, then turned like an experiment and then full flagged involvement could not have been an enjoyable experience without your support.

I have also enjoyed sharing my experiences of taking multiple courses by writing  course review on my website. It was also interesting for me to share turning my surroundings as a learning ground in some of my short write-ups.

However, I have  started to get concerned by the usage of my work by other people without citation or proper acknowledgement. Especially, some of the unique aspects that I have formulated as part of my 2 year long journey (+1 year promotion/marketing of new ideology around the world).

Initially, I ignored this simply because I was not aware of the potential of my work, but now I do 🙂   So, in order to save some of the my innovative methods, projects and ideas,  few portion of this website will be hidden for sometime from public viewing. They are password protected and I can give you access based on your reason to view those content. You just need to tell me about it, using any of the communication channel listed in the contact page of this website or simply filling the contact form at the end of this text.

The withheld  information will be released once I will finish my current engagements.  You will also see a revamped website with more user friendly navigation alongside to be released in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, you will be able to continue enjoy reading other articles, my opinions, my participation in events as well as my comic short stories.

Thanks for your love, respect and support so far on this  innovative journey. It was not possible without your support.

Keep innovating and keep learning!

Ankit Khandelelwal




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