China X: Certificate of accomplishment

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I am very happy that I received this letter of confirmation for my participation in the ten-part learning programme “ChinaX” (Chinax) by Harvard University via, initiated and held by Professors Peter K. Bol and William C. Kirby, their amazing team and guests.

China X_Extra certificate

It was an amazing and inspiring journey with highest educational value on many different levels, which provided a wide overlook and also deep insight into China’s past, present, and future.
Our learners’ group is still in close contact and exchanging on what we have learned about China’s history, culture, literature and arts, socio-political and economical developments of Imperial China until today, and everything related.
Many great new friends found each other and keep on offering different experiences and expertise as well as perspectives to gain from and to connect with other fields of interest.

A definite date has not been announced yet, but there will come ChinaX 2.0, possibly already beginning in autumn 2015, so not that far away, even if the ChinaX team members should still have much work in front of them.
From what I can guess and read between the lines so far the next stage will bring additional insight and understanding, also new features to the platform, even extending the already great learning experience.

Until then ChinaX 1.0 is still accessible under this address

I can warmly recommend a close look into it.

[The above text is written by Nico Marzian , one of the classmate from China X course. It is used here with his consent]

My experiences of studying China X

Interview given to The China Radio International


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