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Bangalore storytelling society_June meetup

Bangalore Storytelling Society meet-ups are always special and recent meet-up was no different. Theme of this month meet-up coincided with World Father’s Day, ‘Get Paternal’. Bollywood and many of the Indian movies brings out the good relationship between mother-son, mother-daughter but somehow it ignores our fathers. Our fathers, who cares a lot about us but do not share that much. This meetup brought some of our childhood memories and our bonding with our father.

Keeping in mind the wishes of meetup participants, the venue has been moved from Atta Galatta, Koramangala to Chaipatty Teaffe, Indira Nagar. Interestingly, majority of the participants were first timers to storytelling meetup.

At the starting of the event, event host Vikram Sridhar asked each person to introduce himself/herself along with sharing the special bond with their fathers. It was interesting to share my perspective with people and also listening their memories. Someone was very close to father, someone painted the chest during childhood, someone became make up artist, someone learn a discipline life and many other interesting insights.

After this initial round of introduction, we have settled for the 4 tellers of today to listen their stories.

  • 1
  • Narrated by me, this semi personal semi fictitious story described a 18 year old teen who failed to crack the prestigious examination. The help of father in retaining a jolted son to get back on the track of the life was highlighted in this story.

  • 2
  • Narrated by Sowmya, the second story was from the bantu speaking tribe of Africa,called No sons. An dtheprotagonist name was Mwindo. The famous story ‘I am Mwindo’ and how a son convince his father for not hating him. The story ends with a dialogue, ‘you are not a father without a son and I am not a son without a father’.

  • 3
  • Narrated by Richa gupta, who was a first time teller to the meetup. She recited the special bond she had shared with her father during childhood days.

  • 4
  • Narrated by Sowmya, this was not a story but rather a description of the father from a book. Although, the context was very much American, some portions about the father can still be related to us.

    In between each of the stories, we had various discussions about Fathers, their sacrifice and deep bonding we share with them.

    About Bangalore Storytelling Society
    Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS), a not-for-profit collective, formed by professional storytellers in 2013, is dedicated to reviving, nurturing and promoting the art of oral storytelling. It organizes theme-based story events, and create opportunities for story lovers–of all ages–to tell and listen to tales and re-discover some of what we’ve lost in this wonderful, but somewhat isolating, technological age. This Flag ship event has already seen two seasons and now their 3rd edition at Atta Galatta promises to be a knock out too.

    Bangalore Storytelling Society-Meetup Page


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