Food Waste – A growing problem of the world! Do you have any solution?

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

I have been thinking to write about this from a long time but thought I am not an expert to speak on this matter. Though, I have changed my mind today. Three news has drawn my attention to pen down this post.

1) This is the story appeared in The China Daily around 2 years ago. In this story, resident of a city in China are growing their own food (vegetables or small edibles) in their balcony. It was a response towards increase in prices of these items. People working in the offices are adapting to the need of growing their own food, even it was due to high prices.

2) France has passed a law last week to put a fight towards growing problem of food waste. The law directs malls/big stores to donate their leftover food to charity organizations. The purpose is not to let food waste, instead use it to feed the people who are unfortunate to feed themselves. Even though big stores constitutes only a fraction of the population, this step can be considered a first of such measures in this growing problem around the world.

3) Majority of the population of the world in future is going to live in the cities. It signifies the growing trend of immigration from farmland to cities. The median age of farming community is increasing and they will be not be able to find young workers to replace them in future. This may have affect on the food production in the coming years.

Let’s forget about France or China for a moment and think about each one of us as an individual. Although, the statistics says that around one third of the food in the world does not reach to the mouth of hungry people, rather than it ends up in the wastage yards. It is possible to grow yield of the food production by using innovative technologies and new methods. But, this will not be sufficient for the increasing population with lot of food being wasted.

Instead of giving my opinion on it, may be let’s discuss it among ourselves. As an individual, can you think of the moment where you have wasted the food? Or do you think, there are simple solutions out there which can be helpful to avoid this trend?

(Appeared on The China Daily Blog forum on 25-05-2015)


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