The Capstone project: Creating real value on virtual platform

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Online education has been gaining attention for its innovative approach. The corporate world too is taking notice of this new platform of education and trying to leverage it. In the recent past, a few top firms have partnered to build and contribute to a specialisation project, which will be added to the existing bouquet of ­specialisation projects at Coursera, a MOOC provider. This project is called Capstone.

What is Capstone project

The Capstone project is part of the specialisation courses currently offered by Coursera over and above the regular courses. The firm combines two to three regular courses to create a specialisation course that addresses the latest/emerging academic fields. The Capstone project was part of the specialisation course to practice acquired knowledge in a real time market situation. According to Coursera, the industry partnership will enhance the worth of this website and transform it into a veritable platform where one can quickly gain new skills to either pursue one’s passion or boost one’s existing career prospects.

How to join?

The following companies and business leaders are supporting the Capstone project that includes a nominal fee.

Instagram: Interaction Design, University of California San Diego (starts June 16th)

Snapdeal and Shazam: Business Foundation, The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania (starts April 6th)

500 startups: Entrepreneurship, University of Maryland (enroll anytime)

Google: Mobile Cloud Computing , University of Maryland and Vanderbilg University . (enroll now in next session)

Swiftkey: Data Science, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public University (enroll anytime)

iHeartMedia: Modern Musician, Berklee College of Music (enroll now in next session)

(The author is a vivid MOOC taker, who has designed his international MBA by taking 50 MOOCs over a period of two years)

(The Capstone project: creating real value in the virtual world, in The Hindustan Times Education, 15-04-2015)


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