Commanding Multiple Skills- What we can learn from ancient China? – 1

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

The trend I am going to discuss in this post, is not exclusive only to the Chinese history. It has been observed in many other parts of the world. While watching the movie, ‘Battle of Red Cliff’, which was a very significant event in late Han dynasty, I have come across a very historical figure. ‘Zhu-Ge- Liang’ was very prominent person during his time and often credited for this wit and ability to master several different skills.

Reading more about him took me to several such figures in Chinese history. And there was something very common in all those people. They were able to do multiple tasks. Or in better way, they had multiple skills. Many of them, who were state bureaucrat have innovated different machines, authored extra ordinary works and showcased their talents in multiple ways. Many of them could be counted on par with Leonardo da Vinci, the person whom I have been always inspired for his ability to think in multiple dimension.

You must be thinking or even going to say. Well, gaining multiple skills is an art and it is only a gift to some people. Until few years, I used to think the same though reading a lot about history and understanding our ancient world has totally changed my view point. It seemed to me that majority of our ancestors were actually able to do multiple tasks.
In the context of China, it could become more interesting and significant as many of the ancient innovation happened to be in China. And these new innovations does not give credits to some top notch scientists of that time, but altogether to those ordinary people, state level bureaucrat or military commanders.

So, getting back to the topic, how could people able to master so many different skills? and how can we learn from them in present world to make ourselves a multiple-skilled person? Well, this is what I thought and spend considerable amount of time and I am going to share my observation with you in the upcoming blog posts. So keep watching my blog posts and hopefully you will agree with my observation, which is coming out from my curious journey to know more about China.

(Commanding Multiple Skills, What we can learn from ancient China- Part 1, appeared in The China Daily Blog Forum,13-04-2015)


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