Decoding smart cities through online education

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We often hear of the term smart cities. But what does it actually mean? Does it mean creating new cities or just supplementing existing infrastructure with modern information

The government’s recent announcement to create 100 smart cities in the future has only added to the excitement. How can you be part of this? Online education has got all the answers. Here is a list of free online courses that will help you understand this new phenomenon.

Introduction to Metrics Smart Cities (by IEEE)

If you know a bit about a city, then this course will tell you that smart city is indeed an interdisciplinary subject that addresses different needs of a particular city. Starting April 23, this course tackles different areas: urbanisation, education, transportation and some other key areas,indicating how to establish key performance indicators necessary to measure a smart city. At the end of this course, you will be able to measure how smart your city is. You can also learn how it can be made smarter. Log on to register for this course.

Technicity (by Ohio State University)

This course is on offer from March to April and will examine how our cities are evolving. It will look into how technology is being used to engage with the public at large to support decision-making and the creative ways in which people are using technology to improve their cities.

You will get to engage with a topic you are most interested in to create a project in your own city. Find out more at:

Future Cities (by ETH Zurich)

Starting from the first week of April, this course looks at urbanisation issues. Through this course, you will be able to understand, shape, plan, design, build and manage continuously adapting cities and cope with a more resilient world. You can even earn an honorary code certificate on successful completion. Log on to to register for this course.

So what you are waiting for? Enrol in these courses and start creating your own smart city.

The author has designed own International MBA by taking around 50 MOOC over a period of two years. He shares his journey at

(Decoding Smart Cities through Online Education, in The Hindustan Times, 08-04-2015)


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