Come to Your Senses II-Let poetry be meetup!

This meetup organized by Let Poetry Be was something different. All the participants did not have to write anything prior to this event. All they have to do is to sense, smell, hear and create instantaneous poems or verses. You must be asking, how one can do it? Well, this time we all were blindfolded for approximately an hour and sat across a table. This was an unique event organized by ‘Ear to ear’, an initiative supported by Avinash Rebello(event organizer of the day), in which each of the participant gets opportunity to experience how blind people feel, communicate and picture their surrounding world.

Event summary
At the start of this event, Avinash Rebello (event organizer) explained us some general guidelines about the event. Then all of the participants were blindfolded. So, then all of us entered into the blind world and it seemed like each one of us is alone,until we started to communicate with each other. Initially, I could not understand what was going on. Initially, it was total chaos as each one of us was trying to adapt to this new reality.

The idea of this event was to understand how people who could not see, try to understand the world around them. During the course of one hour, we could hear music, smell some perfumes, hear glasses falling down and taste some chocolates provided to us. We laughed, tried to understand what was going on around us and expressed our thoughts during this entire activity.
I do not have words to describe this experience, as this is an activity each one of us need to experience individually. Then may be we can understand more about our inner-self truly.


At the end, we were alive again in the real world 🙂 with our eyes to see everything around us. We penned down our experiences and expressed our opinions through writing. It was my first time in such session and I could see some sort of connectivity with myself. I request others to try this way of learning and you will learn lot more ways to calm yourself and finding an inner piece.

Event page:

Coverage of the event in The City Plus 27-03-2015


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