Loneliness: A hidden surprise for many!

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

Accepting requests of many people, I have decided to write again about my experience of Denmark and touch upon lot of pending ideas, I wanted to write once. So, here is my first coming back article.

Scene 1:
You are surrounded by people, even though it looks crowded and sometime uncomfortable; you can talk to the people and see them around you majority of time. This is the case in many countries.

Scene 2:

You arrived in Denmark and after a initial few days, do not find such crowded atmosphere and apart from your work place, may not find people to talk. Come winter and you are trapped inside your house. Even though, you got everything you came for, you started to fell lonely.

Let’s come back to reality. These scenes are not from any drama but are part of reality to many people. It is no hidden fact that Denmark is open society but to many it is also a closed one. Privacy of any individual is very much honored and no doubt that often you will find people are among themselves after working hours. This possess challenges for many people, who are used to live in social environment much more than what is on offer in Denmark.

Socializing with Danes requires an open minded attitude and as I have written in my previous article, being open minded is one of the key in adapting to live in Denmark. I have seen many other people, who are so used to their home environment, that they found it very difficult to adjust to this new reality. During the winter months, you will be forced to lock yourself inside the house. No matter, how much you try; the long winter can be difficult to cope up with. Those long dark nights can bring lot of troubles, if you are unable to cope up with the loneliness. M Though it can vary from individual to individual, feeling depression can be very normal in such scenario.

There is no denial, that Danes do socialize and you will find plenty of opportunity to talk and build communication. But first of all, it is very individual. And second, this will be slightly minimal, to what you were used to at your home country.

So, if you are coming to Denmark, then be aware of this hidden secret!!

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