Becoming Semi-Scholar on China?

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

Should I call myself a semi-scholar of China? May be yes, or may be No. The journey of knowing about China has begun few years ago and it is still going and there is lot to learn about this vast land. Just thought of sharing you my way of learning China, its culture and how my interaction with Chinese people paved way for better understanding.

2 days ago, I have submitted my last discussion for the online course ‘China X’. With this I have ended a long journey started in October 2013 to know more about China. This course offered by Harvard University presented Chinese history in very interesting manner. Although, as highlighted in the trailer video itself, this course presented China from the western perspective, that did not stop it in feeding people like me who are hungry to know more about China.
This was the longest course I have ever taken (around 14 months), and described China from ancient medieval era to unification of China and economic growth in past three decades. We all course participants discussed, debated and even provided many new information to each other during this course. It was interesting to know rise and fall of empire and spiritual enlightenment of Chinese society. Apart form this, I have also taken courses from other Chinese university to understand more about history, society and economic environment of the rising superpower of 21st century.

More than that, I have also started reading The China Daily, Listening The China Radio time to time. But the greatest positive outcome was my interaction with many Chinese people, knowing the reality of China from their perspective. It was interesting to know that China is changing much more faster for good than one can anticipate 🙂 Discussing with people gave a proper perspective which was not present in newspapers at my place (majority of them present China in very negative ways).

So I may call myself a semi-scholar on China? May be not! There is lot to learn and you guys at this blog forum are much more knowledgeable than me and hope to learn a lot more from you here in future.

Written For The China Daily-Blog Forum on 19-03-2015


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