Investor’s Camp, CNBC TV-18, Bengaluru


Date: 14-03-2015

After understanding about international markets, Union Budget, it was but natural to understand more about the Indian Stock Market. I was not an investor but rather an observer of the market. As part of my ‘Zero Cost MBA(Envisioning 21st century global manager)’, I have conceptualized many of my own theories and related to them with day to day development in the market. Whether it was rate cuts by reserve banks, policy decisions, international turmoil or other external factors. This event presented an opportunity to check my understanding and concepts with eminent experts. Summary of the event is as follows:

What is investor camp? Mentioned by Mr. Udayan Mukherjee, National Editor, CNBC TV-18,

In our pursuit to financially empower our Country, we at CNBC-TV18 want to engage and connect with maximum number of
people who are keen to learn and understand the fine nuances of financial investments. We will continually work towards achieving our goal of a financially empowered nation.

This event is there to provide financial knowledge to the investors.

The event started with some interesting Q & A type discussions among the event host Mrs. Sonia Shenoy and Mr. Udayan Mukherjee. Then it has shifted to the speakers

Mr. Nilesh Shah: Envision Capital

In his presentation, he emphasized 3 reasons for the current run in the bull market. First, the surprise rate cut in the bull market; second, political mandate and willingness by current government to take tough decisions; third, fall in crude oil prices helping government to tam the fiscal deficit. He also called the recently presented Union Budget 2015-16 as a pragmatic one and growth oriented. Competitive federalism and making states equal partner was a significant milestone to create more positive environment.

He quoted the tagline ‘India Marathon’ in his presentation highlighting some of the positive aspects to look forward too. GDP growth outlook looks good. Structural growth drivers like young population, urbanization will be driving the growth. But he stressed some factors to be cautioned for including crude oil (the price may go up eventually), US fed decision to increase the bench mark rates, global liquidity (Europe, Japan releasing lot of money into the market), Competitive currency evaluation (China is doing that for a long).

He then emphasized that value lies in business balance sheet & management quality. Look for quality, look for entrepreneurs and believe in India.

Mr. Sudarshan Sukhani

In this presentation, he has emphasized that ‘Blue Chips’ are forever. He reiterated the fact that real time does not work in the past as no one has the future knowledge. Only the present can work to approximate the future valuation. Diversification of assets can help in better valuation. Sector rotation can help and it is better to go with the output performer

Mr. Deepak Shenoy , Capital Mind

The power of all time high = is market too expensive? If the stock is performing well, than it might looks very costly. If you have 6 stocks, if one is 20% gaining and five lost some money, it’s still okie to do that. But once again, it will vary from person to person. He then went on to cover some firms which has remarkably done well and suddenly came up in the stock market.

  • Eveready:
  • It is a family company and getting out of debt restructuring. Some companies are in-discovered, Analyzing capacity and balance sheet to discover a good idea. Many times companies are not discovered and when they start performing well, their stock are picked up and they gain limelight of the investors.

  • Ambika Cotton:
  • They have reduced debt substantially

  • Hustamki PPL:
  • They make paper products and they were able to make acquisition after obtaining funding from their Finish parent company

    Q & A session

    After the3 presentations, listeners (around 400+) were given chance to ask questions from the experts. It was good learning experience to cross check my learning in real situations.


    It was good to sit with experts and it has also gave me confidence that my way of understanding the market trends (online courses+ business newspapers reading+ online discussions + listening to experts on TV) holds true very well in the real world. Thank you CNBC TV-18 for inviting to this event.


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