Poem; Office spouse: The need is real

Poem theme Office Spouse: The Need is real
What is office house
Office wife/husband is a relatively new phenomenon. Due to the long/extended hours that married couples spend in their respective offices, they develop close personal ties with a person of the opposite sex / same sex…this person virtually takes on the role of a husband/wife…

Team Nivedita Datta, Ankit Khandelwal
It is in English and it a debate among two colleagues. One of them wants to take their professional relationship to a next level while others opposes it. One talks about desire while others talk about responsibilities. It ends with both agree to keep work life out of personal life. Nivedita (marked in italic) written about the part of lady who wanted to take friendship to the next level whereas I have written part of the person resisting this.

Ohh! Wow you are so handsome
I think I got a crush now
It is nice to feel few things again
Gosh! This is such a rush

This is Monday morning 1st hour
no need to bring this in office hours
Rush is there to meet so many headlines
Bury your emotions in line with the official ethic

Oh! chuck the work
what’s the big deal
give me some attention
show me your zeal

Work is a worship
not another 5 course meal
be attentive to boss instructions
and save energy to win the deal

Show me your support
see how lonely I have been
and not just in work
if you know what I mean

I am always at your service
as your professional colleague
maintaining distance while working together
is that what I mean

Work is fine
when I did say no
but outside work
someplace let’s go

why we need to go outside?
putting our professional association aside?
let’s talk here
till we have time

I want to feel wanted
I want to feel special
I want to get some attention
and not feel like unwanted vessel

Who said you are unwanted?
you are our captain, our savior
to keep us moving ahead
loved by everyone, everywhere

Do you even know how my
days are these days?
Just work, work and work
no love in any way

By the time I reach home
He is already asleep
or busy watching cricket
or drowned in his work deep

I know ho your life has been
sharing lot of time with you
whether it is office or canteen
ambitious you may be but still a human being
why looking for other when
you can fulfill your dreams
keeping work aside just like a normal human being

Well, he does not love me anymore
He does I know
How do you you know?
Because he said me so

But hes used to bring me roses
he does not any more

But he still cares as much,
only his ways to show mature

Well he does take me out sometimes
ad he does stand for my cause
he listens to me when I am sad
but not often as it was

He does love you, he does care
you are his past and you will be his future
priorities might change but love won’t fade
he will be with you no matter what

My feelings are crushed
my emotions are trodden
How will I ever face you again
when you left me heart broken

I have a husband who is busy
and a colleague who just wants to stay a friend.
But I still need someone
to share I can
someone who would stay till the end

In the office it is just work
so let’s not complicate this with our heart
Let the heart still be desired
but it should be clear how to acquire
let’s not try to find whom to blame
what would we do if our life partner thought the same

Entry was part of the ‘Vers-Spar-a-Debate’ event organized by Let Poetry Be, Bengaluru on 21-02-2015.

Disclaimer This work is purely based on imagination of the two authors, it may or may not coincide with real life situation.


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