Seminar on conservation of lake and water bodies in Bengaluru

environmental support group bengaluru7

Date 07-02-2015

It has been few months since I am living in Bengaluru while working on engagements related to my Envisioning 21st century global manager project. With study of environment, urban planning and public policy in past few years, it was not not a hidden fact that Bengaluru might face a water crisis in upcoming year. It can affect local economy as well as ever-growing population. Bengaluru is one of the few larger cities in the world without having any natural body to supply any water. The lakes were once used to provide water are unable to compete with rising population of the city. So how to get water? This workshop organized by ESG (Environmental Support Group), Bengaluru along with KSCST (Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology) highlighted policy and legal framework to preserve remaining lakes in Bengaluru. Event also highlighted rain water harvesting as a suitable alternative.

Environment song: Event was started with environmental songs from the group Agni. They focused on water conservation and impact ozone layer depletion can cause.

Rain water harvesting presentation Dr. D. Shivakumar gave a bi-lingual presentation (Kannada and English) to the audience explaining shifting responsibility towards water in past few decade. Previously, conservation of water was responsibility of each and every individual and now the pattern has been completely changed. Dr. Shivakumar than given example of growing water scarcity problems in Bengaluru and dependence on water from Cauvery river. To end this over dependence, his answer was very simple! Start using rain water harvesting to catch the rain where it falls. Using the rainfall data, he demonstrated that Bengaluru has got huge potential of rain water harvesting with 70 rainy days in a year. He has then demonstrated some of the ways, through which he was able to conserve water in several parts of Karnataka.

His presentation highlighted that rain water harvesting is one time investment, does not require much knowledge and can be done easily by anyone. There might be some initial investment needed to install filter, pipes and creating storage pit, but once it is done, it is going to yield for life time. Everyone can sleep well without any worries of water.

Strategic action plan for revival of Bengaluru lakes There was presentation about legal battles taken by environmental support groups in preserving lakes in Bengaluru. The presentation also talked about how an individual can take legal aid in preserving his/her neighborhood water resources.

Indeed, it is a need for hour for each and every individual to understand and bear responsibility of water conversation before it gets too late to act. I like to thank ESG, KSCST for this wonderful workshop for providing insight into current state of water availability in Bengaluru, rain water harvesting as well as legal options to an individual.

Disclaimer Event description is entirely based on my observation. All information presented may not be accurate to the facts.


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